Nance Roxanne| Photo courtesy| facebook

Standard digital writer Nancy Roxanne

Writers are always the list of celebrities who live their lives behind the curtain. Opposite of other entertainers, in the likes of radio presenters, Tv hosts and such of likes categories of celebs, writers for years have been found out of the line despite being in the lead on making sure they bring fast news and entertainment to millions of news readers across the world. But thank you for the new technology, because now it's easy to interact with talented and professional writers easily. Unlike the olden days where one could only read his or her favourite writers articles but couldn't be able to give feedbacks either comment nor communicate to them directly, nowadays it's easy and thus why my pen has brought unto you one of the most brilliant professional writers of Standard digital news Nancy Roxanne.

Nance Roxanne| Photo courtesy| facebook

Roxanne in Hong Kong

She will be covering our Celeb Crush segment, with her lingering lavish life style that is leaving many of her follower being entertained and wish to brush their shoulders with her. She is a queen of her own castle, living life on the first lane. She is the true to picture of whom writers special female writers are in this society. For me, as a fellow writer, I am always proud of her because her effort to represent the writer's world out there is incredible. Hence the reason why my pen has decided to split my ink about her. May be some of you have got the chance to read her articles via her column, but for sure you are wondering who Roxanne really is? This is your chance to interact with her via this blog, here I have prepared for you a video of her recent trip to Hong Kong. In this video, you will be able to hear her voice, travel a long side with her from Kenya to Hong Kong and actually enjoy every bit of her trip which lasted for a whole one week. Enjoy.

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