Beka The Boy| Photo Coutesy| Changez Ndzai

Behind the scene of Jidai

Why do we have to cry and beg our neighbours Tanzanians for a shoulder to lean off, why we have our own talented music artists here in Kenya. Should we wait until they are consumed by the prevailing wind and storm between Alikiba and Diamond then we say we are not good than them? I say no, we have strong and such talented music artists with superb vocals that can bring down rainfall to a halt when the respective artists are up on stage. And one of this kind of artists is Beka The Boy, the Manenoz, Siri ya Moyo hit maker who has been gaining fame in every bit of each day. He carries with him the hope of Kenya as a nation that we can depend on his musical talent to compete with other African big wigs in the likes of Wiz kid, Tekno and such other related African top artists of such category. Though he is yet to reach that stage, already his prevailing pace on his previous music project, he has proven to Kenyans that he is a true music super star.

Beka The Boy| Photo Coutesy| Changez Ndzai

Beka The Boy

Beka now is on his own marks, and yet this coming Saturday he is planning to release his brand new video Jidai. Jidai, being produced by one of the most talented music artist and producer Totti La Internationale, is a modern fused RnB genre hit music. In which it intrusive out the power of music out on its original nature hence meeting the demand by Beka The Boy fans out there. Beka has proven that music is more than a hobby to him, and he is ready to use it even now during the election period to heal and preach peace, love, and harmony through it. Jidai is a big music project, a stone which is set to hold the foundation and progress of Beka as a prevailing Kenyan artist.

Beka The Boy| Photo Coutesy| Changez Ndzai

Beka The Boy Onset Beside Traditional Giriama Portrait

Its video which was shot by Marvin J. Brudas of Undepicted FILM company has its own high-quality caliber. The story line in Jidai's project is also intruded to convey a strong and clear message with determination to all music fans here in Kenyan and Africa at large. Shot inside a great famous Italian artist Giampaolo Tommasi's private house in Malindi, the rooted love for art and music in the perfect fusion of different civilization, combining the African culture including the Giriama, Swahili and European flavors together. To produce a perfect magical mix balance of a hypothetical streamlined video story to enjoy watching if you are at home, club, studio and even listening while driving in town. So this coming Saturday 9, Beka the Boy will be officially launching this super expected video at Fermento in Malindi, ironically this same day will be Beka's what do you expect how wonderful this day would it be? Just keep in touch for a full enjoyable moment coming after that launch. Enjoy!

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