The radio hemisphere and culture in Africa has been growing up massively, especially after the year 2000 millennium. Here in Kenya, the case is just the same as many other African nations, the radio culture, and its string entomology are growing very fast and at an amazing speed. Kenya coast only and which is my target on this case study, it has a number of radio stations which all of them are doing great work as far as sharing of information and enlightening the members of the public located along the coastal strip with news updates and entertainment is concerned. In terms of entertainment, there is a number of shows which are automated and aired on different radio stations across the coast, hence I had an outdoor research to know which entertainment show on Kenyan coast radio show fans do prefer and is likely to be the leading in the entertainment world. NB: The results are based on the views and taste from the fans preference but not from my personal desire and interest as a writer.

1. Kaya Flavas (Radio Kaya 93.1 FM)

Shanniez| Photo By| Shanniez facebook

Shanniez in the studio| Photo By| Radio Kaya facebook

It's a radio entertainment talk show conducted and aired by popular duo radio presenters of Radio Kaya 93.1 FM Sister Shanniez and Teddy Mwanamugambo. The show which is always bringing hot, funny and humorous entertaining tips about coastal celebrities lifestyles. It has been gaining massive followers not only in major coastal towns but even on the grassroots. In fact, Kaya Flava show is the favorite entertainment radio show of most coast rural youths than any other show simply because they understand its hypes easily hence satisfying their needs or desires. If you come to urban centers too, the show is killing it as there is a large turn out for most of its fans in major urban centres naming them Mombasa, Kilifi, Ukunda, Malindi, Taita and so on a mixture of youths and elderly people do listen to the show. The reason why Kaya Flavas show hit the top chat for the day.

2. Chachawiza (Radio Bahari 94.2 FM)

Farida Ali & Pascal on back-studio infro is Dj Ace Kenay| Photo By| Shanniez facebook

Farida Ali & Pascal on back-studio infront is Dj Ace Kenay| Photo By| Farida facebook

Chachawiza is another super tantalizing radio entertainment show as far as the Kenya coast radio airwaves is concerned. Conducted by brilliant and talented duo radio presenters Farida Ali and Pascal Shanga, the show is just another amazing entertainment breed of its own. Just like Kaya Flavas,  its nature of promoting local coastal music artists, Chachawiza shares the cake with other coastal radio entertainment shows but all in all, fans rate it number two after Kaya Flavas of Radio Kaya. It's a hit lunchtime talk show which suits everyone if age limits were to be considered. The mode on how the show is conducted is the reason why is being valued and being loved by the fans across the coastal airwaves.

3. Mahav Mashav (Pwani Fm 104.7)

Ken & Lucas De Mackinon| Photo By| Ken Wekesa facebook

Ken & Lucas De Mackinon| Photo By| Ken Wekesa facebook

Another superlative and heat entertainment radio talk show, being conducted by three young and talented radio presenters Ken Wekesa, Dj Ivory and Lucas DeMcnon the show is just a stunning success. A huge turnout and following-ship from fans across the coast make it stand strong tall like a tower. From the social network, one could notice how this show is a heat by finding social networks named after the show, the good example is the Mashav Mashav university clause which every coastal town has its own. Ranging from Mashav mashav university Malindi, Mombasa, Kilifi and so on it gives one the reason why this show makes it to the best top five radio entertainment shows of all time. According to this research fans, most fans value this show and whenever it's on-air no one of its fans won't be left out of the roll-call.

4. Zinduka (Pilipili 99.5 FM)

Criss & Chigz| Photo By| Pilipili FM

Criss & Chigz| Photo By| Pilipili FM

 As far as hot entertainment showbiz stories are concerned, one won't want to be left out especially in the morning. The show is run by another amazing radio presenters Chigz and Chris are always bring hot interviews, stories, and gossips across the coastal showbiz fence. Fans are rating this show with its own quality hence attracting many followers to Pilipili radio. From this outlook, Zinduka is taking position four on the ranking of top five Kenyan coast radio entertainment talk show of all time but this is not constant because there is a high competition in the radio world especially here in the coast.

5. Mega BreakFast (Baraka 95.5 FM)

Billy Mia of Mega Breakfast show| Photo By| Baraka FM

Billy Mia of Mega Breakfast show| Photo By| Baraka FM

Billy Mia of Mega Breakfast show took the position five alongside his show after Zinduka of Pilipili FM. Both Zinduka and Mega Breakfast shows are running exactly parallel on the same time. The show is another urban heat burn off all the time, with a lucrative and massive follow-up gain day by day from its entertaining nature. Most urban youths are having a great time listening to this show hence its nature of talk and tops surrounds the modern and urban youth than the rural or grassroots fellows. When I was conducting the survey in the interior parts of coast only 25% of the youths knew about the show and other 75% they neither knew the show exists or Baraka FM radio despite being the radio is the oldest radio station and first to be set on the Kenya coast soil since independence.

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