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Diamond, Akothee & Jaguar Among The Top East African Music Artists & Entrepreneurs

The term ''Entrepreneurship'' is derived from the French language, which means one who takes innovation, finance, and business opportunity with an aim of transforming innovations into economic goods or services. While on the other hand ''Entertainment'' is consists of any activity that permits people to amuse themselves during their leisure time. From a far, the two terms are not even co-relating to each other directly. But if the two are combined together they always produce a perfect match, which always leaves behind a quite markable outcome in terms of business and profit making hence wealthy status can be archived.

Entertainment always can't exist if there is no talent and vice versa, the word talent is the foundation of any source or form of entertainment. So in short talent and entertainment goes in hand by hand. For example, football as a source of entertainment can't exist if there are no footballers who in them we do find the talents hence footballers are also known as artists for they carry out the artwork of footballing in them. Also the same repeats itself in any form of entertainment even in music, fine art athletics and so on. 

But having entertainment does not mean one is doing entrepreneurship no. For in order the act of entrepreneurship to be successfully carried out, one has to be innovative and be ready to invest to venture a business idea into profitable income. Good example, pupils or students playing hockey, rugby, football or singing during games time doesn't make them carry out entrepreneurship aspects in them simply because there is no any act of innovation, investing neither finances nor profit is gained on the long run. But they are entertaining themselves in order to amuse their self-reliance so as to forget the struggle they have been through on their academic activities in class. 

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Vera Sidika(Top Instagram photo) Used Her Fame She Got As A Video(Queen) To Propel Her Business

Let's move to our main topic, how does music as a form of entertainment qualify to be in the jaws of entrepreneurship? Over the years musicians have been using much effort to ensure that they are producing good and quality music to their respective audiences. On the process, money has been used in the production of the music as a final product. Hence music entertainment qualifying to be melted in the streams of entrepreneurship. First, an artist does innovate in sing or rap, second the artist goes ahead and uses money (Finance) to record the music/video hence already they venture into music as a form of business. That brings us to our next step, on how and why most music artists fail to make it big in the industry despite using a lot of effort and money to produce that music/video. There are many reasons for why most music artists fail to make it big in music, but I will highlight only 4 major reasons.

1. Doing Music For Self- Satisfaction

There is type of artists who record music just to satisfy their own desires. These type of artists are feeling happy and would boast before friends when their recordings are being played on radios or their videos are being watched either at home or at school and such other related areas. The artist doesn't care the fact that they have used the money to produce that music as a product, but would feel hyper when he is being praised by his close associates and that becomes his or her rewards.

2. Lack Of Knowledge In Terms Of Business Ventures

In this group, it contains many music artists who currently are existing and doing good music as far as to music industry is concerned. They use much effort and money to produce good and quality music/videos not forgetting the act of distributing the music product to various media houses and such other related organs. In return, they get good airplay, fame and good enough they start getting performing in events /shows hence money begins to flow in back as the reward of their effort. But instead of saving and thinking of investing even in many big businesses, they would spend all the income on unnecessary things including clubbing, engaging in drug abuse and other ill manners related things. Which leaves them broke and looking pathetic on the long run, forgetting music is like any other business it has its pick season and low season. 

3 . Fear Of Venturing On Other Businesses

On this category, we find only those artists who are doing well in terms of producing good and quality music/videos. Hence their music/videos are getting a diversity of not only media support but also are earning decently via a number of shows/events they are getting frequently. They do save some from their earnings hence they aren't broke but they fear on venturing into another businesses or in short, they are being satisfied with their current position. Instead of using their saving, to invest in promoting their music to another high level, they get worried about losing what they have and enjoy maintain their status forgetting that the high risk you take in business they high profit you are likely to get as well. 

4 .Fear Of High Competition In The Industry

In this group, you would find those artists who are doing the same kind of music and are both likely to also producing good and high-quality music hence creating a high competition in the industry on the long run good example artists who are doing Bongo Flava artists. Competition is good in business because it benchmarks the strength and remedies of a certain entrepreneur. One will never grow up in business if there is no any competitor, for there is a possibility of monopoly which will result in such negative outcomes of producing low-quality products, relaxation and boredom in any business. 

Survival for the fittest, many music artists can't survive in a highly competitive environment hence they lose morale and fail to deliver to their respective fan base. Something which is not healthy in terms of business, for one must develop such creative ways of out fitting their rival either through high-quality music/video production or extending distributing their products to other higher and new markets out of their region eg distributing their music/video production to Europe if you are in Africa.

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