Bdozen| Photo Courtesy| Changez Ndzai

Bdozen| Photo Courtesy| Changez Ndzai

East Africa media is growing fast and sounding, polls are showing that after(West Africa)  Nigeria and other related countries, now East African Media is trending at position two. Maybe many were not even knowing that, but South Africa is now third After East African media which comprises Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. One thing which has contributed to this success, its due to the effort radio presenters has been putting to ensure that they entertain, inspire and educate the society.

This is the reason why today I have covered him on our Celeb Crush segment, Bdozen one of the prevailing East African radio presenter and media wizard. His stand towards his work as a radio host of popular Tanzanian radio show XXL on Clouds FM is they key success to his current life. Born as Hamisi Mandi, Bozen is shinning in and out of Tanzania. He has been nominated for years a nominee of the African Entertainment Award which is based in the U.S.A. His power to lure his fans through his social communication skills has created his fame among the Tanzanian society something which has brought him from just a normal radio presenter to a celebrity status.

Bdozen| Photo Courtesy| Changez Ndzai

Bdozen with some Alist Tanzanian artist in studio

This is seen across Tanzanian boarders, Clouds FM is one of the top Tanzanian radios of all time, in fact, is the leading Tanzanian radio house. But one thing one has to put in consideration is, no any institution can be at its very best if it has no best employees in it. Hence Bdozen with all these quality, he has been a favorite presenter to many, mingling with all top Tanzanian and African top music artists. And also helping most of them to meet their goals in the music world, but also through the Tigo Fiesta shows, fans across all the 15 regions where clouds FM visited they would show out their appreciation via shouting his name whenever was his turn to stand on the stage.

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Watch this YouTube video showing how he does his thing while on air with his fellow on XXL SHOW  Clouds FM.

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