Beka the Boy| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Beka the Boy

If you have been very keen with the music industry across East Africa, then one could understand the urge for fitness in the tough music competition world. Artists have been releasing music hits after hits, hence if you are an artist and you are dreaming to keep up with the trend on the first lane then one has to stop dreaming, talking too much and posting nonsense on social media and concentrate on making good music for the die-hard fans to enjoy. This is the main reason why Beka the Boy have got to realize that zeal of keeping up with the new trend. Recording as such many music products as possible so as to be ready to give his fans what they deserve to get at the right time.

Beka the Boy| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Double B caps on display

He is very keen not to lose even a single step in his ambition to make it to the top table. Coming up with his own recording label, Beka has also gone ahead to print his own products which tend to act as one way of advertising his music work. There are some caps dubbed DOUBLE B which is the name of his music label. Apart from that as Mpaka Kuche is already doing good across the East African soil, that is in Tanzania and Kenya his homeland. Beka has in mind that it's important to have another product out so as to push up the Mpaka Kuche music project. Hence the release of Busy Nawe, a project that is very convincing and in that its nature is like a Bongo hit. Busy Nawe is another product from producer TK2, one of the top Kenyan music producer who has for long been working and producing hit music than ever before. Take your time to enjoy the Busy Nawe hit song here.

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