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Beka the Boy is not a new name anymore if it comes to the Kenyan music atmosphere. He has been kicking out good and quality not only music but the videos that have enabled him to steal a glimpse of fan-base to his very brand new career. Unlike many other Kenyan artists, Beka the Boy is using certain different tactics on ensuring he is making it big and meeting his desires and goals on the music world. A man of his own principle and few words with keenly observing but ready to learn from other top Kenyan artists mistakes to gain momentum, Beka is the really Kenyan artist to watch in this game.

As many Kenyan artists are already complaining about how hard the game is here in Kenya, Beka with only one year in the field he is showing his counterpart music artists that he means business. Despite all the challenges he has been en-counting since he seriously started his music, Beka has been taking advantage of these challenges and viewing them as the jack to pull him even much more to the next high level in the music scene. The reason why he saw another opportunity on the other side of East Africa airwaves that is Tanzania.
Beka the Boy- Mpaka kuche| photo cortesy| Beka facebook

Beka the Boy & Producer Totti During A Recording Session

The advantage is, the Jidai, Siri Ya Moyo and Mpaka Kuche hitmaker is doing music similar to Bongo Flava which is the dominant domain Tanzanian favorite style of music for now. His first move was to premiere his songs to Sunrise radio which is in Arusha one of the key Tanzanian and biggest provinces, then he moved to Jombe province via Ice FM radio and later he took his music to Mwanza one of the most popular Tanzanian provinces of all time via Jembe FM. With this strategy, there have been good feedbacks from music fans across the Kenyan border, though Beka on his side he thinks that he still has a long way to go. Hence now after Jidai launch one month ago, he later a few days ago comes up with another hit danceable music product and this time he is premiering this Mpaka Kuche hit in Dar es salaam the capital of East Africa music hub. There is no debate on this that Dar is where good music prevails and much fans from this city do believe in good music but not forced staff. Beka believes that he is going to pull even much attention of East African fans and today via East Africa Radio in Dar es laam, his Mpka Kuche song will be released. This will be his second music to hit the Dar es Salaam music market after Siri Ya Moyo which was his one of the early music tends to do better on East Africa TV. Enjoy Mpaka Kuche and Jidai on YouTube down here.

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