African artists Denis Boie, Ronald Lolo & Wilson Ngoni on set

In the world of art, artists always share common characteristics. This is the reason why I have tried to dig deep just to measure and analyze the similarities between these artists despite their geographical distances apart. Wilson Ngoni is one of the renowned African top fine artists of all time, he can paint and play with portraits and the outcomes can be like a photographed photo for the way it exactly appears. The first time I saw his portrait I thought it was a photo-shopped project, but after starting following up his step time after time I came to realize how wizard he was in the field of fine art. Here in Kenya,  Denis Boie is another fine art wizard, his power and passion towards playing with portraits give him the title to share with other African artists of his calibre.

Denis Boie hand-work from his galary|Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Denis Boie hand-work from his galary

He paints pure photographs, not pictures as many do. His work is to his many loyal clients across the country is beyond normal people power. '' I view this talent and Godly given gift, I studied something different in college with what I am doing to earn my living now. I am supposed to be somewhere in a certain hospital attending to patients as a medical officer but because I see potential in my fine art talent I thank God to say that I pay my bills through drawing and painting portraits.'' Denis said on a past visit to his workshop in Kilifi. He is a brilliant and magical artist, behind that he is also a vocalist and he has several recorded music in a store. Apart from Boie from Kenya, lets we return back to Botswana, I have in many occasion wrote about Ronald Lolo and Prince Tom. I thought it was much wiser to include them in this article for their contribution in the world of fine art. From here on our Bana News Blog table, we celebrate them as part of top African fine artists.

Wilson Ngoni| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Wilson Ngoni hand-work from his gallary

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