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Let me start by congratulating Nyashinski for his nomination as the only East African music artists to be shortlisted on the MTV Europe Awards 2017. He is a man who is seeing beyond the horizon hence he is going to archive even more than any other existing Kenyan artist currently. He did leave Kenya to the US when his music career was at its high peak, I can vividly remember setting history by leaving behind a legacy of giving East Africans a new Swahili saying and which is still being used until today the (Tuendelee Ama tusiendelee) slang, literally meaning do we continue or we do stop doing what we are doing. Yeah! That song was a bang, until now whenever it is being played people still are celebrating it. Then after a duration of about not less than ten years abroad, things did change in the music scene with new upcoming artists grew to be East African music heavy-weights. The likes of Sauti Sol, King Kaka, Kaligraph Jones, Octopizzo, Avril, Size 8, Willy Paul, Bahati, Gloria Muliro, Susumila, Dogo Richie and many others.

But his return to Kenya and his mission to connect his music career from where he left it, has been a mystery to many. Until now I can't imagine how easily Nyashinski simple convinced East African fans and Africa at large to accept his way back clause in the music industry. And at this point is why I have prepared this article, to show you how many of this top Kenyan artists are failing to propel the Kenyan music to the world. Nyashinski and the likes of Longombas music superstars of the Vuta pumzi fame, left Kenya to the US to learn how to conquer the world of music industry.

Avril Kenya| Photo by| Changez ndzai


(Watch the video below here for more proof and understanding my point.) They both had dreams to make it big in the real world of music just like any other African stars who were shinning by that time like Akon, who is a Senegalese. The reason behind all this is due to they had already met and quenching their thirst to fame on the East African soil, so they needed a new challenge ahead. Technology was also a major challenge comparing to the US, so in order for an artist to be known across Africa and beyond those days unlike now where there is internet one was to travel to the US using the resources gained through his music hence they had no otherwise but to leave their Kenyan dream of fame and success in their music career and start living the American dream. I am sure Nyashinsk had gone there to study ways of how to conquer the world music market but not the Kenyan market, which as he was heading to USA he had accomplished his dream and satisfied that his dream of being a big star in East Africa had already come true so now he was ready for the next goal he had set.

Longombasa Explianing their come back plan to Mzazi W Tuva;

Years have passed and that dream Nyashinski he was dreaming, is now coming true. He is living to see his desire of sitting and drinking with world superstars like Drake, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Bird-Man and many others is met. Not only mingling with them but even finding many ways of doing businesses together. This is not a simple thing to go, as people still wondering how he did manage to have a big comeback like that, they forgot that he had set some goals a long time ago and now he has just started to accomplish them one by one as being witnessed currently. Most of our Kenyan top artists are satisfied with the little achievements they are getting. Just seeing their music is being played across East Africa, getting some endorsements and shows every weekend, getting frequent radio and TV interviews now and then makes them feel like they have reached paradise. Simply I am  saying in another words, they don't have goals and ambitions nor setting new targets which at least will make them work hard to go beyond their current achievements. Now they get troubled when they see someone like Nyashinski, who returned home from abroad the other day is being nominated to one of the world most prestigious award like MTVEurope Award. Forgoting that Nyashinsk has been working day and night seriously just to meet that dream in the past years. Something which is causing mayhem in between other artist the reason why they start blemishing each other for letting down the music industry.

Nyashinsk| Photo by| Changez Ndzai

Nyashinsk MTVEurope Award Nominee 2017

Kenyan fans are more of high expectation from their music artists but the artists have been too slow to accept change. The music styles, poor songwriting skills due to lack of new ideas, ignorance and overconfidence kills the music industry in Kenya. Hence now many of Kenyan music fans are seeking solace from Nigerian music & abroud (For those in Nairobi and beyond) and Bongo Flava (for those who are at the Kenyan coast Mombasa, Malindi, and the rest). Certain artists have been forming music cartels to make sure that there is no new artist is coming up until he passes through their hands so as to benefit from them or else even if he is talent more than Rihanna or Drake that artist won't makes it in the game. Artists tend to oppose changes in the music trend something which objects denial from moving ahead to the next level. Even for those few who have archived to earn decently via music, you will see them busy advertising their new rides in town on Instagram and Facebook rather than promoting their next projects to the next level as many African artists do. How do you expect someone in Lagos Nigeria, Kumasi Ghana or Kinshasa Congo to know about your music? Or how do you expect your name to be mentioned on the list of nominees on Afrimma Awards if you are doing your music only for the locals?

Take a good example of Victoria Kimani, despite the challenge that most Kenyans music fans do not recognize her as one of us but the music world does. She represents Kenya, not Nigeria where she chose to live due to her recording label is in Lagos(Congratulation for her for winning Afrimma Award as the best female East African Artist of the year 2017). Victoria Kimani saw no competition back here at home in Kenya. Remember her first landing place after she returned from the US was Nairobi, she even went ahead and did a collaboration with Diamond and Ommy Dimpoz from Tanzania. Meaning that she was targeting the East African market. After that, she returned back to Lagos where she is still there until now for she noticed that for her to enjoy the African music competition then she needed to compete with the toughest and highly challenging candidates hence Nigeria was qualifying. So in that way, her effort to beat the best Nigerian female artists in the music game place her on the scale of winning awards as best female East African artist year 2017.

So our Kenyan music artists, as I am concluding this article, not helping one another or not focusing on helping the upcoming artists is not the reason why the industry is not growing up no. The reason is even if you have the resources to support all the upcoming artists to reach your position, do you have any measures of growing up the industry to the next level or you are satisfied with the same level you were yesterday? Are you ready to break the music cartels which are killing the morale of hundreds of talented music artists daily due to their ill filtrated goals for personal gain? Please if you can't learn from our neighbors the Tanzanians, then at least take a long stunning look to your fellow artists on the other side in Comedy industry the way they do shines. Led by Churchill and the likes of Jalong'o, Eric Omondi, Captain Otoyo and the rest how they do it hence their success which is seen in the broad daylight so as to excel.

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