Rez| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Selebi Phikwe is one of the most promising African Cities in the world, rich in mineral it also acts as the main Central District for Botswana as a country. This can give you a clear view of how attractive to many people across the world hence making its population increase in every time bit. So apart from its industrial and social amenities activities, entertainment is part of its main activity in which expresses re-leave to many people living in this busy African city. Just like here in East Africa that is Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and parts of the great lake region if it comes to music art or entertainment. The Southern Africa Nation like any other, Botswana is gearing up in this field hence it's breeding with a high rate a number of superstars in the music industry.

Rez| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Rez On His Cool Pause| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

I know this might be new for many of us here in East Africa, maybe you have been wondering why only we are used to Nigerian and South African music if not the famous Lingala music from the Congo Brazzaville. Many are just having many questions in their minds, is there any other African nations who do good music for the world to enjoy apart from those we do know as I have mentioned them above? The answer is Yes are there, but most of our East African radio presenters, DJs, and the music stakeholders have never given a thought to expand their research and get in touch to other African music stars apart from the ones from Nigeria and South Africa. Something which has challenged me to find more about other countries in Africa and got in touch to their music stars.

But Botswana has many top music stars, which indeed are doing great. Rez is one of these stars, he is doing Hip Hop cruck a style which is normally being used by famous American Rapper Lil Wayne and his counterparts fellow like Drake. I know his music is even much easier to get good reception here in East Africa, for Botswana is an English speaking nation hence Rez is delivering his messages mainly by the use of the queen language. I have been following up his moves and my mind had to conquer with my conscience that he needs that support and way through an introduction to the East African music industry. As per my last conversation with the hip-hop star, he said is ready and looking forward to enter into the recording booth and do a collaboration with any top Kenyan music artist. So as to spread and build a good relationship between Kenya and Botswana as well as taking African music to even much high level.Down here is one of his video dubbed the name Pour Up. Enjoy!

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