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By the end of the last year, 2016 Otile Brown was among the upcoming Kenyan music artists whom I was keenly observing their moves in the Kenyan music industry. I had no neither direct connection nor a shortcut to approach and have an interview with him. By that time I had already started writing for Bongo 5, one of the top East African online news website based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. In fact in Tanzania its the second best news media outlet with more than one million subscribers on its various social media after Millard Ayo. My work as a contributor writer on Bongo 5, was writing all the trending entertainment news from Kenya and post them for the Tanzanians to read and learn what is happening here in Kenyan music industry.

Otile| Photo By| Otile facebook

Otile Brown

I used to listen to all his music hits one after the other, you know not only as a writer but as a poet I was enjoying the art of poetry in this young musician from Mombasa. I started thinking how I would sell him to the other side of East Africa that is Tanzania through Bongo 5. But as many they don't know, in big media houses like Bongo 5 ones work has to pass through various hands of editors. So it's not all stories a writer would write will be posted online. I remember it took two years of hard work and determination to convince the chief editor by that time was Fredrick Bundala to accept my work to be posted on their website and that is through covering Darassa's music breakthrough here on Kenyan soil.

Otile| Photo By| Otile facebook

Otile Brown during a past interview on Citizen TV

So I knew I was having a great challenge to sell Otile Brown to Tanzanian fan base through this site (Bongo 5) since he was just an upcoming artist. But because I believed in my work I decided to cover the first story about Otile and send it to the Editor among other stories. So the first cover failed to appear on Bongo 5 updates. I did not give up, but by the mid year 2016, I sent another article among others to the editor and yet it failed to appear on Bongo 5's updates. So I decided to give this very brand new talent sometime to circulate then I do write again about him. So early this year February 4th, 2017, an idea stroked my head and I used that trick to introduce Otile Brown to Bongo land via Bongo 5 news media. I included him among other four Kenyan coast music artist that is Susumila, Sudi Boy, Dogo Richie and Brown Mauzo. With the heading (Wasanii Watano Wa Muziki wanaozidi kupanda chati kwa haraka kutoka Pwani ya Kenya 2017). Meaning five top Kenyan coast music artists who are doing great on Kenyan soil music industry. Check the full story on the his link below in brackets.


And it's through that I got a chance to expose Otile Brown to the Tanzanian media and after that, I wrote more other stories and shared his video with fellow writers and editors inside Bongo 5. He captured everyone attention with his work. Some thought he was one of their own due to his sweet pure Swahili and the rich coastal rhythmic nature in his music. So, after all, I was not wrong, my instinct about Otile Brown's future in Bongo land was true. I never neither I have not come near Otile Brown hence am writing this not to brag but to show the reason why Tanzanians are dying in their soul others are going crazy with the Mapenzi Hisia hitmaker. Yesterday among the most top Tanzanian media houses was talking about his new work Mapenzi Hisia. Televisions and radio houses discussing him inside Tanzanian as if its one of them. His video with Baraka De Prince was a major boost to his career and it was like he had poured gasoline on already burning flame.

Otile| Photo By| Otile facebook

Otile with Klighraph Jones

Otile Brown is talented, I don't know who is his current manager by now yet, but I am already on that because the moves which are using to introduce him to the world of music are professional. His style of delivering good music which is similar to the Bongo Flava gives him the ticket to enjoy the fruits of support from the Tanzanians something which is not simple. I am saying this because as a radio entertainment news reporter for two radio stations one in Arusha known as Sunrise Radio 94.9 FM and the other one Swahiba 102.9 FM in Zanzibar apart of being a long time writer for their top media houses, I have been facing many challenges on introducing any new artist from Kenya. Tanzanians value their own music artists first then outsiders came second. So the second choice to be played in Tanzanian media, a foreigner must be popular to them and one who can convince them to buy his or her music idea. Hence the reason why most Ugandan music is hard to trend in this East African country. As I conclude, I want to say this, I see the next Diamond Platnumz in Otile Brown. For if at this early stage of his music career is driving crazy the Tanzanians then he has got the keys to African music market as well. Enjoy Mapenzi ni Hisia video down here!

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