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My sweet bizarre memories when I was still finding out who am I. I could see my age mates were busy scrambling for not just girls but beautiful girls, while I was pretending to be a bookworm hehehe. Something fun I was not one since those smart lads who won the hearts of more than one beautiful ladies were the really book-worms since in every term end they will be dangling in the top of academic positions while I was scoring average marks in return. That was in my early days as growing up primary school pupil. Fear was my great speed governor, I feared everything about life. In fact, I failed simple quiz because of not that I did not know the actual answers to a particular exam question but because I doubted everything in life only to please people, only to find that later I was burying myself alive.

One day I was provoked to jealousy by one of these so-called smart teens, who believed they were running the show in every field in our school. We used to sit in pairs in our classroom according to gender equality. So my deskmate happened to be one of those beautiful ladies not only in our classroom but among the best beautiful girls in the entire school compound.  To make it worse her mother was also a teacher in the same school, you can guess what kind of respected girl she was and the smart boys of all time they had a name for this type of girls, they were dubbed the name hot-cakes. Neither I did not know anything about that, I was still a virgin and as I had told you earlier I was fearing everything especially things which I knew could contribute to sin as far as my Sunday school teacher teachings were concerned.

In fact, I don't understand the way this girl got the chance to sit with me. I had nothing good to attract beautiful girls, neither in physically nor academically but that was per my thinking. What I can remember despite that fear in me I was a great storyteller, in that department I was the king. I could turn the whole class to a maximum silent just listening to me narrating stories, especially during the end term periods after we have finished our exams just waiting for the teachers to finish marking the exams. We had plenty of free time, so during this time, even the smart boys would fall under my command. Even if I cough someone would bring me a bottle of water in order to keep me continuing entertaining the class with funny stories. So it came to my thinking that maybe is due to these stories that I convinced this lady to come and sit together with me.

I had nothing to feel about her, she was just like any other normal girls in our school to me. And maybe that was my biggest mistake. Some boys were laughing at me, they knew I was stupid according to their understanding. Yes! maybe they were right, but on my side I knew nothing about relationships neither could I engage in one, for according to me in those days for one to have a girlfriend must have a good pocket money in order to treat her girl well and as per me I had nothing to treat even my empty stomach. Maybe I was right, that is what I used to see from our senior pupils who now and then were being punished by the headteacher for being caught in the process of endearment either in a nearby bush in the school compound or in the school toilets.

It came to pass that one day I came to notice funny behavior from one of the so-called smart minded boys towards my deskmate. I felt something unusual trickling my dull heart and soul, it was not a normal feeling. I developed a certain hatred towards the fellow pupil. Something which pushed me even further to start protecting my pair. So whenever we were going out for the break, I planned to ask her if she would accompany me out there. But I thought how would I convince her to join me out during break time. But whenever I was delaying requesting her for that proposal, is when my opponent was increasing the momentum to win her heart. To make it worse I came to realize few days later that even the one opponent whom I was suspecting to win my desk mate's soul hunter was not alone in the race but he had other competitors fighting for the same girl as I had told you earlier my deskmate was among the hot-cakes in our school compound.

So I became even more paranoid, I started developing automatic tactics of attracting her so as well to win her soul. Remember one thing, the girl was also still an armature, she had no experience about relationships. But at her age, she had a full understanding of relationships for her best friend was already in one. I could vividly remember those days when for the first time the Nigerian movies were finding their way into the Kenyan entertainment market. I used to cram a whole truck with part one and two respectively without skipping a scene. So I started luring the art of storytelling as the key weapon to conquer the soul of my deskmate. We had no television set by that time at home, but my uncle used to have one. So in the village your uncle's property is a family property as long you are relating to him then you have the full access to enjoy the family dividend hence my position I was in those days. A black and while Great-wall branded TV set with two antennae on its top and a videotape deck(VHS) since there was no hydro-electric power connection those days in the village then solar panel and a car battery was the substitute.

All the love stories I watched the videos over the weekend, I started narrating to my intend soul-mate when back in school during the weekdays. She started responding well to my planned tricks, in fact,  she started carrying foodstuff to class for me so as to motivate me as her storyteller. Something which I enjoyed till today whenever I recall those good days. I can remember our first date out of class, that was one year later in class seven. It was break time and still, I was in the middle of an interesting love story from one of the Nigerian cinemas, because she did want me to finish it, she spent the whole break time together with me under a big tree behind our classroom. My opponents were not happy at all, they knew very much I was not stupid as they were thinking. It was one year now since they had started their hunting game but this time around their trap and tricks had bored nothing. Good news to them is that I had not yet done s£x with the girl. But they were very worried for their aim was to compete to see who would break the virginity of this lady first....To be continued!

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