Dully Melody| Photo| Dully Melody
Today I am taking you to the street of Mombasa Ireland, Mombasa is one of the best destination if it comes to matters patterning tourism. But apart from tourism, there is lots of wonderful, beautiful and tantalizing things one can enjoy too. Among of those things including rich African culture, Swahili heritage and so forth. But never forget music as part of the daily life and activity which most people in Mombasa would be ready to embrace . There is lot of good musicians in Mombasa, whom they represent Kenya as a country to the very best. Hence today I have decided to bring unto you through our Celeb Crush segment, Dully Melody a.k.a ThePrinceOfMelodies whom he is doing modern Swahili pop music.

He is a brilliant and hard-working fellow towards his career as an artist, he fight always to see himself taking control of the game over his rivals. For those who are in Kenya knows what I mean whenever I say taking control of the game. Competition is everywhere, music game in Mombasa is actually overwhelming especially if one considers the large number of talented artists we have. Coast region is the novel of music super stars, Swahili language which is widely used across East Africa is the key and major boost for all Mombasa artists which enables their music to easily trend in out of Kenya to the East Africa airwaves.

Dully Melody| Photo| Dully Melody
Dully Melody Performing During A Past Event| Photo| Dully Melody
Dully with his music hits like Yaga yaga, Kivumbi, Uongo and Uwe Pale among others, has been outshining much of his fellow Mombasa based music artists. One key thing which has seen him hiking up of the ladder in the music market, is the quality of music and video products he has been producing to his fans. He has been risking highly in that even his latest video Mammu saw him travelling to Naivasha, just to make sure he was getting a cool and attractive scenery for his fans. Now Dully just few days ago, he was in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania a trip which he has gone to produce what is seen as his new music project. Dully for sure he is struggling hard to make sure he is conquering the East African air waves. Already through his facebook account Dully has hint out his new music hit...(Sasambuka).

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