Libya| photo by | changez ndzai
A Gunman Bullying Some Of The Slaves In Tripoli Libya  

October 20th year 2011, entered in the book of history as one of the long-term serving African leaders and accused to be a dictator Canal Muammar Gaddafi of Libya was brutality murdered by the opposition National Transitional Council forces NTC in Sirte town Libya. This came two months later after the fall of Tripoli the capital city of Libya which after a tight battle, the loyal army to Gaddafi was finally defeated by the opposition forces NTC hence Gadafi and his family escaped Tripoli the Libyan capital to Sirte so as to hide from the rebel. Where he was located by the rebel, captured and later brutally murdered. Watch this video down here to see the final footage of torture, humiliation, and death of Muammar Gadafi.

Muammar Gadafi is dead. The full video of the capture.

After the coup, which saw the then interim prime minister Mohamed Jibril al-Warfally taking over and served for seven and half month during the Libyan civil war. All the privileges the citizens of Libya used to enjoy during the reign of their deceased leader Muammar Gaddafi now started to vanish into thin air. By the time Gaddafi was losing the battle to the NTC, Libya was the only country in the world which its citizens were benefiting from free electricity bill, no interests on bank loans, having home was considered a basic right, all newly weds in Libya would receive $60, 000 dinars, Education and Medical services were free of charge and Libya was considered the most literate nation in the world by 2010, if a Libyan buy a car the government subsidizes up to 50% of the price, Libya had no external debt and its reserves amount of up to $150,000 billions are now frozen globally. 

I think now, one can see why the reason these poor Libyans are now struggling with the tough conditions considered that Libya is a country in the middle of a desert. The once superhero of Africa nation now is struggling to make its meet end. During Gaddafi, Libyans used to mingle and intermarry freely without considering races. Blacks and white did enjoy life equally and even some black people from their neighbouring country like Ghana used to seek green pastures inside Libya without any fear. But now Libya is in jeopardy, life is hell in fact if you are a black Libyan. The majority of Libyans are Arabs, so the Arabs are now practising slave trade with the black Libyans as the victims. Recently photos have emerged of the poor black Libyans mistreated, tied hands and legs and being publicly auctioned as if they are animals. I am taking this chance to advocate for people to stand upright and fight hard against slave trade which is going on in Libya. See this horrifying photos of black Libyans suffering from this ill fate act.

Libya| photo by | changez ndzai
A group of Black Libyans Waiting For Command

A gunman holding captive some of the Black Slaves

Libya| photo by | changez ndzai
One of the slaves inside slaves-cell

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