Up Mzazi Tuva, Aslay & Dogo Richy On Stage

Dogo Richy a.k.a Richie Ree is now upgrading his status in music to international level, this is after the aftermaths of the biggest show witnessed last weekend here in Mombasa at the Talentos Beach Resort venue. Already many media practitioners over the past week before the show went down on Saturday here at the coast were predicting success of the show. Aslay being the guest artist, he was to be welcomed on stage by his Mombasa and the current Coast top artist Dogo Richie. Richie on his side he had planned well for this day, and for the first time in his music career he showed his new dancers on stage.

Apart from the very performance from Aslay and Dogo Richie, security was also tight and Administration Police officers could be seen everywhere even taking selfie with Tuva. Fans were electronized  with this powerful Musicians of all time who are climbing the ladder to join the likes of Alikiba and Diamond. Back in Tanzania, Aslay is seen as fast growing up and many are having faith in him and he is gaining even more fame and respect among the Tanzanian community. Down here are some of the photos which describes the essence of the whole show as it went down. Enjoy!

Aslay performing on stage

Dogo Richy's Dancers On Stage

Willy M Tuva taking photos with Police officers

Aslay entertaining the crowd 

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