I knew very much from the very first time that she had no other man than me, I had been chasing her for more than two years before she accepted to be my girl. So my heart knew her as a very faithful and one beautiful lady to be trusted by both my heart and soul. I was overconfident if it comes on matters patterning our love relationship with this beautiful diva from Arua Uganda. Though we both now were living in Tororo Uganda, with me being deployed there by my organization to oversee some projects for about a year though I had been visiting Tororo in out for the past two years before I decided to settle down after she said yes to me.

One mistake all Kenyan men we do have, is we are very weak if it comes to love affairs. Its not easy for a Kenyan man to fall in love, but if he does he loves with all his heart and soul even if its possible also a Kenyan man could use both inner organs to love including kidneys, lungs and even the liver. Then here I was loving an Ugandan princess working as a bank clerk in Tororo town, every weekend we could spend much time on neighboring towns like Mbale and Jinja just to make her feel loved. I could spend much time on materials only just to make her feel like a princess, I wanted to prove her wrong that perception that says Kenyan men are not romantic. I did everything to enliven her love anguish and ego, in fact most of her friends were envying her considering her lucky.

Valentine was around the corner, it was my first valentine day to curb me while I was in love. So I was not even sleeping thinking how I would make it romantic. I wanted to apply all Romeo and Juliet love formula, I wanted to show how much I was fond of her love day in day out. So instead of spending that valentine night which was on a Monday in Tororo, I was thinking of taking her to Kampala and enjoy the night at Silver Spring Hotel. But I wanted it to be a surprise unto her, so I did not want to share any valentine preparations to her. So that very day I woken up early and prepared breakfast for her, I did make sure that I had chosen even her clothes for the day. As she woke up, she found almost everything was in place. She looked at me with broad smile on her face, I told myself that I was on the right track of scoring some marks. After breakfast, I did make sure I had dropped her at their office's gate before I turned the wheels of the Toyota Lexus to the road leading to Tororo airstrip. I wanted to board a chatter plane for both of us to take us to the city in the evening after work.

But things didn't go as I had planned, karma is real. As I was leaving the office in the evening, I was to return back to the airstrip so as to finalize some few pending issues before returning back home. It was not my routine to come home early due to much work at the office, my lady knew this. She knew that in a normal day I will be back in the house earlier by 9.30 PM. So on her side she had her own plans about the Valentine flick, I did not know but over the past three months she was having a secret affair with another man. Something which made the whole process worse was they were using my house as their lodge. So after finishing paying everything including our hotel reservation back in Kampala, I turned the ignition key on ready to hit the road to my house. My house was not far from the airstrip, just 500M from the main road off the road lead to the airstrip.

I was living in the outskirt o Tororo town, an estate opposite the Common Wealth cemetery 1km away from Tororo town. So I arrived back at my house exactly at half past seven in the evening, I found my gate was already opened so I entered the compound and parked the car at the garage. I took some few minutes arranging things on my dashboard and then I veered out of the car carrying a bunch of shopping bags full of valentine presents. I also found the front door opened so I entered and placed the things on the dining table. The television was on and the volume was also loud, so I knew that my lady could heard me while I was entering the compound. So I removed out some roses from one of the shopping bags and slowly I hasted towards the bedroom. No sooner had I entered the bedroom than my eyes were welcomed by a romantic pause of my dear first lady with another man in my bed. I felt like the whole of my body has paralyzed, my heart stopped beating for a moment then tears followed. Both of my legs went numb, my heart was broken I saw the walls of my bedroom as if were spinning in a very high speed. I had no other way to convince myself that I was dreaming but to accept the reality. Ooh Dorah, abanage! She spoiled the whole Valentine preparation.

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