Beka the Boy
Named the Kenyan fastest rising music superstar after Otile Brown by Citizen's TV 10 0ver 10 host Joy Muthengi on his past interview just two weeks ago, Beka the Boy is now reaping the fruits of good music produce as many fans now are struggling to watch his new hit song Nimefall. Watch his interview with Joy Muthengi on Citizen's TV 10 over 10 show down here on this video to get the whole story of what happened if you missed the show so as you can understand what am trying to drive my point to.


Beka The Boy on 10 over 10 Citizen's TV show.

His passion to do good music over years has made him to travel and shift tactics from Mombasa to Nairobi city only to find good and professional music producers and international video directors who can give him the potential to move to the next level as a professional music artist. Something which is happening right now, Beka the Boy Nime-fall new music video which was released on 11th May 2018 just seven days ago, has already reached 32, 059 views leaving only 2138 views to reach his other music video music Nyota which was released earlier on 11th 4 2018 and now has 34197 views. In a quick calculation, this means his music audience, that is number of fans is increasing since he started working with professional producers good example is one and only Dreamland Entertainment C.E.O Dr. Eddy who is the core and source of Kenyan top music arts like Otile Brown. Compared to some of his past videos which he did before he moved to the capital city, which most of them would take even five months or even one year to reach the 20k views mark. 

On the other hand, meanwhile in Tanzania most of his fans there they are claiming that Beka the Boy is coming from Tanzania. Speaking to Standard News paper, Beka has refuted those claims and stick to the fact that he is a Kenyan born Malindi but now is based in Nairobi due to his music career and the Tanzanian fans are fighting for their side to own him as one of them simple because of his fluently Swahili speaking.

Behind the scene Photo of Nimeffall video
 Beka has been moving around across in different media houses to campaign and bid Kenyans and East Africans fans at large to support him in his music journey. Talking to radio Citizen's Mambo Mseto hosts Mzazi Willly Mtuva and Dj Flash, Beka openly said he was thirsty to get a chance like that so as to prove his Fans that he is capable of in the music entertainment world. The media tour which has seen him being interviewed by almost all big Kenyan radio stations,TVs and News papers also has brought about awareness of his super music talent something which has also contributed to the increase in the numbers on his You tube channel. Beka the Boy is the next East African big thing as far as music industry is concerned and many of his fans has been expressing out there views on his YouTube channel comments box which most of them are positive. Watch down here the Nime-fall video and rate it accordingly to your opinion view.


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