My phone is ringing, just checking is a new number, I don't know who is calling so I receive the call and as usually silently I put the ear-piece on my right ear just to listen who is on the other side. A soft attracting female voice broke the silence that send emotional impulse down my nerves, like any other active man my heart bit also increased as the romantic voice continues wooing up the atmosphere. ''......Hope you remember me, we met at the hotel last two weeks ago you were in the company of several white visitors. It may be not easier for you to recall everything but we exchanged our business cards, check on your business card profile you will see my card. I have no much to say but since that time I have been thinking about you dear. I admire everything you do, have been stalking you even on facebook and instagram surely I can not wait to meet you again.''
Chatting With My Visitors After A Business Meeting

I did hold down my breath without saying anything, just tried a bit to memories the actual event and at which hotel exactly I did met with this beautiful lady. One thing she did not know is, I frequently visit lots of hotels in various towns because of the nature of my work. So in that very process I could not recall neither resist but to handle her with care. It is not my first time to get secret admirers in my life, being a writer/poet I touch many people's souls with my art work, due to my past experience I had to give her time to explain herself at least to easy her ego out. One thing with me I never disappoint, I am a ''Yes-man'' full of mercy and humor. Only that if you are a stranger unto me you will have to bare with my slow pace. I am not that guy whom if a lady asked him out will take action abruptly but instead before I say we a going for serious date then it may have taken time to make my final decision.

Keenly following up the meeting's agenda
 Reason to that, experience has taught me much until now a days I see things so ordinary unlike the good olden days where I used to rehearse the words which I would give the girl in order to win her love on my first date. Those days when a lady would say its over and I would spend weeks crying alone in my bedroom, write a lot of love poems, rehearse words which I would use to apologies to the very lady I would have hurt or broke the relationship with. Sometimes I would swear not to fall in love again for the pain may be too much to bear. But in that way it had teaches me two important things, 1. To be a strong man- whom i am today 2. To be the most intelligent lover.

Gone are the days when I used to run after lovers, now a days due to my status as a writer and media personality its a normal thing to find I am entering a relationship with a lady without even knowing I am in. Something which makes me feels numb at heart and not easily heartbroken if I enter in a relationship. May be this is why most male celebrities are strong and would tackle a problematic relationship with an ease. Its something that happens and am sorry if anyone would see it as an insult. Back to our main story, so as the lady was busy explains herself to me, I had now recalled her and for sure she was too beautiful but instead she was not fitting on the list of things I want in a lady. But due to it was her first time to speak with me, I promised to keep the conversation going on later in that evening after office. To be continued..................!

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