Tatiana (Video Queen)

Today Wednesday 23rd 2018, East African sensation music artist Dogo Richie a.k.a Richie Ree has been live on the most listened entertainment radio show across East Africa Mambo Mseto of Citizen Radio 106.7 fm, which is being hosted by Mzazi Willy M Tuva. On the show which also Rich Ree has highlighted in depth his accusation of being bewitched due to his last year but one 2016 ''Muziki majanga'' hit. Richie told Willy Tuva that, the accusations were really and not just a joke but even those who were working with him including his father core producer Emmy Dee of Jungle masters studio and AMZ producer of Tempoz studio were witnesses of that incident which caused him to remain silent for a duration of one year since 2016.

Dogo Richie & Tatiana on the behind the scene of fire video

But all in all as by coincidence, in this interview something special and which is rarely experienced happened. As I have highly publicized the show on my facebook that the aim of today's Richie's show on radio citizen was all about introducing his new music video ''fire'', the first person to call radio citizen so as to give opinions and chat with Dogo richie, was a lady who played as video queen in the #fire video. Tatiana who is the queen in this video, nourishes the show as Tuva also was shocked to know that as both Rich and Tatiana were talking to each other over the phone while on air. What a beautiful thing to experience? Down here are photos of the lady video queen just enjoy and give her your marks per rating. Also the video is here for you to watch. Enjoy!

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