Music artist beka the boy
Beka the Boy

He is among the top afro pop superstar to watch in Kenya right now, call him Beka the Boy. His soft and enthusiastic melody fusion molded with the sweet Swahili vibes makes his music produce to be embraced by thousands of East African music lovers. He knows how to steal the show and his habit of releasing hit song bit by bit has left many with an unanswerable motive questions. Pili Pili fm radio presenter based in Mombasa known as Gates Mgenge is one of them. In his past interview on this radio station, Gates asked Beka the Boy what is the secret of him releasing hit song by hit. Its not normal for a musician to record and release sweet melody like the way Beka is doing without flopping. That means Beka is an extra ordinary talented music artists/vocalist.

And may be this is the reason why he has decided to come up with this special gift featuring Kenyan female rapper goes by the name Petra for their fans in the name ''Hatuwezi kuwa LEVEL'' means we can't be in the same level. In this hot jam which was produced by producer Motif Beka and Petra slides like no another man's businesses. The crank fused afri pop jam is hot like pepper, just combining the music chemistry between the leading male Kenyan vocalist that is Beka with Petra's pure artistic collide or lemonade rapping style, gives this single all the reason to be a special hit that is yet to hit the East African radio and tv air-waves. 

beka and petra

Talking to our news table, Beka has nourishes that he is set to travel to Nairobi soon for Hatuwezi kuwa LEVEL video. The video which is estimated to be among the best to be produced currently, has many to highlight the change in Beka's music ladder which is rising up from one level to the other. Petra on the other side she is set to light up in style and take charge to be among the best of East African female rappers as in already the game is thirsty of people like her since they are very few and hard to get. So in the hands of Beka the Boy this is like riding on a platinum hourse. Ironically the song itself is talking on such a topic. The song which was released yesterday, one can get it on, YouTube, Mkito and other music hosting oriented websites. Enjoy it from here. 


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