Beka the Boy x Petra

Kenyan music stars Beka the Boy and Nairobi based female rapper Petra has now released their collaboration music video known as Level. Level is becoming the first music recorded by Beka the Boy which he has featured a female rapper. The video which has been uploaded on Beka the Boy's YouTube channel just few hours ago already has started to show amazing results something which shows that Beka the Boy's work is now gaining a lot of fans who are there to give him maximum support while another reason being the high quality video production which meets international levels demands something which Beka the boy has been fighting hard to archive.

Beka has inform our Eabana news table that he is preparing for a major launch of his project tomorrow, through his own music label known as DoubleB production which for now has only one artist Beka himself. DoubleB production is becoming the only powerful music lebel existing which its roots is the Kenyan coast. Beka the Boy strides to be a successful music star is tremendously huge. His music also now available in all music hosting websites including Boomplay, spotify,, Mkito, Amazon and many others something that is increasing Beka's fans. Down here is the full video, enjoy.

Beka the Boy

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