Coast Music Stars:Beka the Boy, Otile Brown, Nyota Ndogo & Richie Ree a.k.a Dogo Richie
The Kenyan music industry is too dynamic to measure and one can't under estimate it. It is composed of two different genres which within these two genres of music comprising Genge music genre from the highlands part of the country that is Nairobi and the rest, while the other genre is afro-Swahili pop which is mainly dominating the coastal part of the country. In the early years of 2000 millennium, the coast music artists led by legend vocalist and vibrant music star Nyota Ndogo led the Kenyan music industry to thresh across the East African air-waves. Nyota Ndogo will remain in the book of historical music trench and even in Swahili monument records as one of the people who left famous Swahili quotes which are still being used until today via his music. Example of this Swahili quotes are like ''Mombasa Raha'' from her hit song (Naipenda Mombasa) and the ''Kuna watu na Viatu'' which is another hit she did back in the year 2005-2006.
 Then many other music stars came to join her including founder of Jungle Masters music studio Prince Adio, CLD, Ukoo flani, Suzuki and Risasi, Nazizi, Redsun, Cannibal and Sharama, Rude Boys family and many others. During these days music industry was being dominated by the coast music kingpins. Though there were some hot music stars from the highlands but every music station would adore and give much air play to the coastal vibes. Good reason being the sweet Swahili poems which carried stronger messages that one could relate to their day to day lifestyle. Good example the ''Kuna watu na viatu'' hit song from our sister Nyoto Ndogo. 

Coast Music Legends: Nyota Ndogo & Nazizi
In the years 2002-2005, the Kenyan music industry experienced a huge evolution. After 2002 election which within that year the Kenyan music industry leadership slipped back to the artists from the highlands, led by Gidi Gidi/ Majimaji duo, they did hit the whole country with magnificent and electrocution songs such as the famous ''Who can Bwoga me'' hit song. That year 2002 the song was also used as a propaganda song after the duo musician did a remix of the same song on favor of NARC political part which was led by former president Mwai Kibaki hence making it even much popular and big hit song of the season. Year 2003 another Nairobi based coastal music legend and rapper the late E-ssir Mummar returned back the game to the coastal music leadership. 

I don't have to write much to describe the input E-ssir did in favor of the game during his reign though he didn't took long due to that road accident which ended his life, E-ssir is still living in memory of many young stars for his contribution in the changing the game of music from just underrated and unacceptable in the society to respected and adorable type of entertainment by using Swahil lyrics.
Between 2006-2017, Kenyan music industry return back to the hands of musician from the highlands. Starting with musician like the late Lady S, Jua Cali, Wyre, Meja, Kenzo, Proff Data, Nameless, Wahu, Amani, Avril, Size 8, Willy Paul, The Longombas, Cleptomeniacs, Bahati, Akothe a.k.a Madam boss, Kalighraph Jone, Octoppizzo, Timmy Tidat and many others had seen the coastal musician sinking like a water vessel in the deep waters of the Indian ocean. 

Avril Music Artist

Though some born and raised in the coast music artists like Sanaipei Tande had much to give on the favor of the coast music scenery but until recently, then one can say the Kenyan music industry was dominated by our brothers and sisters from the highlands part of the country. The big reason behind this is, most Kenyan coastal music stars started to fall in love with Tanzanian music style which was new very vibrant and attractive to the Swahili people famously known as Bongo flava which invaded the coastal music industry in the early years of 2000s

So as many of the Kenyan coast music artists started to adapt and follow the new genre of music that is Bongo flava, the Tanzanian music stars took advantage of that and won the game easily. So the coastal music fans were too brainwashed and followed the new sweet, attractive and adorable music style by forgetting their own culture of genuine afro-Swahili pop music genre which was being played by their own home stars and promoted the foreign style which represented the Swahili speakers of East Africa at large hence making Tanzania music stars took the space of our struggling coastal musician.

But now the power of sweet music is returning back to the coast side. Otile Brown born and raised in Mombasa, Sanaipei Tande, Dogo Richie, Beka the Boy, Kalechi Africana, Brown Mauzo, Arrow Boy, Shepherd are among the top music artists in the Kenyan music industry who are not just dominating the local Kenyan music air-waves only but the entire East Africa. One could be asking how? It is very easy, the mode of technology has brought a great evolution in the music game. Music fans unlike the past few years in which they relied on TV and radio stations or news papers to read, listen or watching their favorite music stars progress. Now the Internet has brought about changes, in which music lovers can follow and enjoy good and trending music easily any time.

Example Otile Brown is now the most discussed music artist of our time not only in Kenya but even in Tanzania, thank you for his romantic relationship with the famous socialite Miss Vera Sidika which through social media they have been spreading it out for the rest of the world to see. Otile's music has got a major boost via this entertaining love nomenclature, something which was once used by Nairobi based but another coastal musician artist Mustafa Colonel and his ex-girlfriend/ fellow music artist Marya though it back fired and unfortunately it ended their music career as well.
Otile Brown & Verasika| Photo Courtesy| bonfire Adventures

 Dogo Richie a.k.a Rich Ree is another controversial and vibrant coastal music artist whom has seen Tanzanian legend and one of the biggest music stars in Africa Mwana FA saluting him via Mambo Mseto radio program on African's most followed radio Citizen. That means Dogo Richie's music is widely listined back in Tanzania as well. ChikuZee is another coastal based music artist in which he has been doing great, his effort and contribution towards the game is beyond elastic spring. 
Dogo Richie a.k.a Richie Ree &Tanzanian Bongo Flavor legend Mwana FA
 Not leaving behind Susumila and Kidis the Jembe who have been constantly fighting hard to see the leadership of our Kenyan music industry is remaining in the hands of the coastal musician. But all in all the radio fraternity at the Kenyan coast mentioning just a few like Baraka fm, PiliPili fm, the Kwale based Radio Kaya and KBC oriented radio Pwani fm has been over the years be the key support of these stars. If it were not them, today you couldn't know nor hear names like Beka the Boy, Otile Brown, Rich ree, Chikuzee and the rest.

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