What goes around comes around, over a decade now Tanzanian music stars have been taking over the East African music industry thanks for the Kenyan fans coastal rich Swahili speakers for their undying love and support towards Bongo flavor music. The reason being one, their music genre (Bongo flavor) is a fusion of modern pop style well equipped and modeled with the rich Swahili poetry vibes that once originated from Taarab music that most of the time would carry sweet messages which is touching the souls of hundreds of thousand of East African music fans.
One would ask how did they managed to do that? Back in the early 2000s, the actually founder of Bongo flavor music a Tanzanian living legend Dully Sykes and Nyambizi hit maker, came out with a beautiful idea. He realized that gospel musicians in the likes of Munishi from Tanzania were rocking the East, Central and great lake regions of Africa like no other business. So he studied their formula of how did they managed to distribute their music copyrights to the entire region and made much profit via selling their music albums. Only to find that they used argents like the famously known Kasanga gospel music stores here in Kenya to distribute their music which manged to meet the demand in the market easily.
Dully Sykes

So Dully Sykes and many other legends of Bongo flavor those days came together and such cooperates like GMC music promoters, FKY music promoters and many others were born. And its through these promoters that Bongo flavor music spread its wings to Kenya. By that time, most of the promoters were finding it difficult to break the Kenyan market directly through Nairobi. As you know most Tanzanians use Swahili language for communication hence it was such a huge task for them to enter the Kenyan market via Nairobi hence they used the Mombasa route. By that time only one radio was already present in the coastal part of Kenya and that is Baraka fm 95.5 Mombasa. 
Those days the Kenyan music industry was already being dominated by coastal music stars in the likes of Kalamashaka, Nyota Ndogo, Nazizi and many others. The advantage these artists had was most of the radio presenters on the then dominating government owned Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) channel, had a rich number of Kenyan coast based presenters in the likes of Mambo Mbotela, Eddy Fondo and many others who promoted their fellow coast artists by giving them a maximum air play to every hit they released. So that how the Tanzanian promoters came and made friendship with the Kenyan coast music producers and artists so as to be easily connected to these radio stations. Lucky enough by the years 2002-2003, Nairobi started to embrace their Bongo flavor music after one of the Tanzanian music star another living legend and founder of Tekeu dancing style Lucas Mkenda a.k.a Mr. Nice had the break through by releasing a successful music album which swept not only the Kenyan music scene but the entire East African region and part of the great lakes that is Rwanda and Burundi.

Most people from the highlands thought Mr. Nice was from Mombasa because of his rich Swahili lyrics hence he managed to conquered the Kenyan music industry easily and successfully. This is how the Kenyan coast music artist started to loose the game. Between 2003-2017 many Tanzanian music stars including Professor Jay, T.I.D, Juma Nature, Mr. 2, Lady Jay Dee, Ray C, Mr. Blue, Q Chief, Bushoke, Ali Kiba, Diamond and many others had to use the same formula of using the Kenya coast route all the way up to Nairobi. Something which brought about a tight competition between the Kenyan Coast Swahili Speakers music artists and the Tanzanians which eventually the foreigners won the race simply because they were to deep and their music was very rich in terms of messages than their hosts hence the coastal music fans fallen much in love with the foreign music style that is Bongo flavor than their own Afro-pop-Swahili music genre. 
Tanzanian music crooner T.I.D
But now the game is changing, by late 2017 most Tanzanian radio stations had started a campaign o
f spreading wings to touch their fans across East Africa. Thanks to the new technology, one now can listen radio via the Internet even if its in Tanzania. So the Tanzanian media fraternity, knew that if they had to win that race, they would have to play Kenyan music hence to attract the Kenyan music fans to listen to their own radio programs. Something which is now reviving the Kenyan coast verses Tanzania music niche relationship.
Most Tanzanians they don't understand sheng, which is the language being used by artists from the highlands of Kenya. 

Hence the Tanzania medias are basing to the Kenyan coast musicians. The likes of Dogo Richie, Chikuzee, Sususmila, Beka the Boy, Otile Brown, Kalechi and many others music is now rocking the Tanzanian music scene like no other business. Now the ball is back to the Music artists, only what they need is to start to think beyond their nose just like the likes of Brown Mauzo and Otile Brown what they are doing. They should prepare for Media tours in this country as T.I.D and Kassim Mganga are doing in their own coastal soil right now if they need to dominate not only the Kenyan music industry as they are now doing but even the whole of East Africa and Africa at large. 

Otile Brown interview on one of the Tanzanian radio station.

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