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 Let me take you back to the year 2015, I received a phone call from the then famous reality  Tujuane TV show which was being aired via NTV Kenya. ''Hello, am I talking to Poet Changez Ndzai?, I am calling you from Tujuane Reality TV show and it happens someone suggested you as a perfect specimen for our show representing Coast.'' At first I thought it was a joke, because in Kenya there is many cognomen con-men who can lure you in a sweet illusions that you can think that you are already in heaven only to realize that it is a scum. I took time not to tell anyone neither at home nor at job until final I did shot the show which some of its scenes were shot at Mamba Village and then we finished with an amazing sceneries at the famous Fort-Jesus. 

 But before the D-day, I went through a tremendous preparations, because I knew I was going for a not just paranormal date but a sequential blind date which will either turn me to a star or a laughs-over both at home and even at job. I had been out for a good number of dates before but all those were different because I did date people who I knew and I had love affections towards them. But this one was a total new game in town which I was nominated because of my nature of writing romantic poems via my social medias platforms. So I had no other option but to be prepared, I recall watching some of the past shows live on NTV, were not favoring the Boy child, ladies were dominating the scenes like no other business, trawling the poor men with bitter jabs despite most of the men tried all thier best to be such romantic to their partners.

 The question was, how was I going to change this? Yes, I am known to be good on writing romantic poems but how could that help me to quorate my unknown partner? Here we go, this how at first I met with a slay queen, though my partner was good and responding well to my vibes unlike to the next couple my friend in which that Tujuane segment was a combine of two different couples that is my couple and a friend's couple as you can see on this video below.

The young lady on first couple, thrashed my colleague like a trash, poor young
man a fellow in that case was from Likoni. He was coming from a humble beginning but was here to enjoy the fact of appreciating our beautiful Kenyan ladies nature but instead he was knocked down with abusive and bitter heartfelt vibes from the young lady. The lady pulled down the colleague discussing how unprofessional he was, even the mode of dressing too not leaving behind even the fact that he had not combed his hair. It was a pure embarrassment just simple because he said he was coming from Likoni. I  gave it a thought, how could my show been if I told my partner I was not working but a hustler coming from Bangla in Magongo, could I too had pass through that wrath of experience? Despite of that my friend didn't even mind, he took it cool and expressed himself like if the lady was not hitting him with these sharp and paining jabs.

That very thing happened on Tujuane three years ago, is still reoccurring to-date. Its like a certain virus spreading very fast, I don't know why but Kenyan ladies are leading on this game may be followed with either Nigerians or South Africans something like this. Check this video below on perfect match ''ebru tv'', a young lady is trawling this innocent Kenyan man despite of the guy acting cool towards her. Even eating a Pizza using his hands is a sin to the young Kenyan lady who she claims is coming from a successful rich family. Our slay queens they are too perfect that they can control God's work shamelessly either on through social medias or on a live TV show I have lived with different people in my life both locals and those colleague whom I am working with from overseas. But none of them had seen them complaining if one eats using his or her bear hands because they respect each ones motive of life and choice if not culture.
See the photo below.

Writer/Poet Changez Ndzai with colleagues from Norway

A slay Queen On the recent Perfect match on Ebru Tv who trawled a cool young man.

I am worried even more with this pace of life pretenders in our Kenyan society, because I fear many young ladies may find it hard to get their dream men as they live to fantasize. Most of them are using wrongly the English phrase fake it until you make it, but its funny for a person like me. I always enjoy having these kind of people, because its easier for successful men to use them or avoid them. I don't want to go deep in this, because anyway everyone has his or her own way of lifestyle but I think its high time the boy child also to play the role as slay King. ''I never fear anymore to splash some cash to slay queens as long as I know they will pay for it.'' Told me one of my fellow Kenyan writer and he has been practicing that tit for tat game for sometime now and the results are tremendous unto his practicala. How sweet this game it is for the slay King too?
A slay King doing what he enjoys best

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