Beka the Boy with Kiss fm radio presenter Shaffie Weru

He is a one man army, he is determined, ambitious and unstoppable. When he was starting the game two years back, many thought he was not going to make it far and reach great heights as far as music competition is concerned. As any other upcoming artist who are  coming from the Kenyan coast, he faced the normal challenges most coast artists faces including being challenged by their own close friends and such related things which normally brakes heart of good artists eventually making them loosing the battle to stardom via music.

 Beka the Boy believes in being original if it comes to matters of composing music. This is why he left the coast to Nairobi where good and creative music producers are fondly available.  Talking to EaBana, Beka said he felt bad if he sees fellow Kenyan artists are being copycats. Sampling music from Nigerian top music stars and other countries music hits to their own favor is something that will completely finish the Kenyan music industry culture hence making it hard for Kenyan music culture to prevail in the entertainment music world. But because of his love to the music industry, Beka the Boy is determined to represent and save the Kenya culture by producing his own music style, including high quality music videos ideas.

He is standing tall to act as the main bridge between the  coastal music artist and the Kenyan highlands that is Nairobi and beyond. His achievements in the music world makes him appear as a pillar and he inspires many upcoming artists day by day as he continue to produce and release music hits on his own unique way. Something which gives him power to create his own domain music niche. Another secret which gives him a milestone towards his success in music industry, is the mode of conduct and high discipline. The way he is responding to answers in all interviews, being either on live TV or radio stations, describes him as a serious artist, a channel thats builds a good relationship between him and all media personalities including radio presenters, music producers, TV hosts, bloggers/writers and many other stakeholders in the music world. Down here I have attached two of his top and high quality videos which are currently rocking the music scene.

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