Ben C performing live on Citizen TV.

Its a chilly Saturday morning in the heartbeat of Nairobi Africa's sixth richest city after Cairo according to Afrasia Bank of Africa recent report.  I had moved in the city just to extend my link/connection towards entertainment industry to various media sources hence making it easier to work out my mission of supporting Kenyan artists. My first point of interest was KBC (Kenya Broadcasting Co-operation) headquarters since I had a friend/colleague who works as a TV host with Y254 TV popular known as Ken Rel Bis. Our meeting gave birth to introduction to various music artists, who are doing great in the industry only that they are longing for an extra support so as to reach far on their mission to represent Kenyan music to the world.

Ben C with DJ Gee Gee during Bambika show

One of these artists which were introduced to me, is Award winner, producer, C.E.O, owner of LAX entertainment and recording gospel music artist known as Ben C. My meeting with Ben was one of the most interesting moments in life, as I did get the chance to ask him various questions concerning his music career. A born-again Christian, Ben stand enthusiastically towards his faith and he seems to be pissed off with the current culture of many gospel artists losing the fight of sing and praising God by trying to use shortcuts in the name of maintaining fame by collaborating with secular music artists and releases music hits.

This is the reason why Ben C has released his latest music hit by the name Roroa and it is through this music hit he has addressed this particular topic in it. In his point of view, he narrates that most gospel artists are fearing to flop after releasing hot trending songs. So they are always trying to find out a channel which would make them maintain their current status or to raise it to the next level, something which brings in a headache to most of them. Ben C continues to express his views by saying that, the pressure in which gospel artists undergoing to ensure that they do maintain their status is the reason why some of them opting the way to collaborate with secular musicians and forgetting that the main reason why they are being called gospel artists is because they are ambassadors of Christ, hence like the heaven creatures in heaven (Rev 4: 6-11) they should not divert and follow worldly things as the scripture says in the book of (Math 6.1-7).

                                          Roroa music on his youtube channel

In this sense, Ben C act as a well grown up in the word of God something which escalate him to open up and urge his fellow gospel artists across East Africa to concentrate on the ways of the cross and if its possible to pull the secular artists to Jesus than them joining them to the other side which saddens God in heaven. Ben says he is ready to fight this turf battle by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through music to the world and he says he is willing not stop to speak out the truth to his fellow gospel music artists if he sees they are going out of the track, taking advantage of the gospel industry in which it seems as if they are defiling the alter/ God's temple. Which is their bodies by allowing ill fate ideas to being pumped into their minds in order to maintain their fame.

Ben C stand with 10 over 10 show host Willis Raburu(center) & a colleague.

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