Lil Mizze performing during a past music concert

Kenyan coast and Watamu based hip hop star Lil Mizze, is set to release yet another hot  vibes next week featuring Wenkins . Mizze who is flying high with a reasonable number of Hip Hop music singles across the East African music domain zone, is showing signs of thirstiness towards taking over Hip Hop music rivals by leading it and taking it to the next level. Talking to our news desk, Lil Mizze promised to give his huge music followers with amazing present of sweet poetry and entertaining music message through his new hit known as Kibega.

The star has got some hot music videos already in store, and this time round Kibega will be coming out already with its video opposite of his culture of releasing music audio then video comes later. '' I think its high time now we move with time and technology. Most artists are recording music and shooting videos later, in such away most fans complains of not enjoying the videos to the fullest since the audios could have already lost its value in market. This is  the reason why this time round am going to release both audio and video together. In this way its very easy to catch attention of your fans and other music stakeholder. Change is good I guess.'' he said during an interview with EaBana New. 

Lil Mizze with Mambo Mseto Citizen radio/tv host Mzazi Willy M Tuva

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