Lil aviator whose real names is Patrick Gichia is a secular music artist based in Nairobi, he stand up in one in a million status, with his music style he takes our memories back  to the 2001-2003 years when the late E-ssir Mmar  and legendary Kenyan music artist Nameless were thrilling our East African airwaves with their sweet hits like Moss moss, Bumba train and many other hits. The rising star is definition of a true Genge music artist, he is sailing on his own boat. That the reason why Nairobi is already accepting his motives and music style.  Aviator is working out on a new club banger known as Zaggah, talking to our news room the rising star says this special hit yet to be released is aimed to his fellow Kenyan music stars whom most of them are beating off their chest that they are wealthy and filthy rich only that they have zero's in their bank accounts.

He has released 7 music audios and 3 musical video with his latest video "loose it all" dropping any time from now. In the past few years he have been rising up step by step and its through his music career that he has been gaining some favors in his society in that an outside catering company based in Nairobi known as as G&G had him as their brand ambassador. Aviator is also a hardworking music artist and his ambition is to strike the East African airwaves with even more enthusiastic music hits than ever. He believes that its time for Kenya now to shine, giving an example of the previous Afrimma Awards which they ended up on Saturday night in Texas United State Of America where Kenyan rapper Khalighraph Jones came out with the Best Rap Act Africa. Down here is one of his video known as Bananayo, enjoy it.
Lil aviator

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