PRESS STATEMENT, 24th September, 2018

As far as showbiz game is concerned globally, there is much details to be put in place in order for a certain music celebrity to win the hearts of majority in the society. Here in East Africa, Tanzanian music crooner and entrepreneur Diamond Platnumz has been leading the trend since 2009. A part from releasing hot music hits, there has been various aspects considered by his fans at large that increased the favour of him being on top of the trend as far as showbiz is concerned.  These are likes of keeping his relationships affairs open to the member of the public not leaving behind his rise from poverty to riches in spun of nine years. His lifestyle also added inspiration to his fellow youths across Africa, another wing which enables people to admire him for he acted as a good example to many people who they gain hope of making it in life through his testimony.

Bobi Wine addressing his fans in Kibera Kenya

But now Bobi Wine, is stealing this leadership from Diamond Platnumz in a high speed valour. The Ugandan dance-hall artist turned politician Bobi Wine, is now the new cake in town. Despite of being in the game for a long time, many people have never thought that he would take over the game. Remember that the showbiz can never be planned, it occurs naturally. His war against his government that is Ugandan government, is the main source of increase to his popularity in both his music career and politically too. Bobi Wine is joining the likes of powerful revolutionaries  like Che Guevara, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara and many others whom made their trademarks through strong political stands in their countries. His recent stand against his president Gen. Yoweri Mseveni gives him a direct command to be the official actively opposition leader of Uganda though he has been claiming that he is working closely with his fellow politician Dr. Kizza Besigye.  

A multitude of people surrounding Bobi Wine's cab in Kampala 

From international media houses like NBS, Aljazeera, BBC, CNN to East African mega media horse power in the media fraternity like Citizen TV, NTV and many others. Bobi Wine has been the talk of town and he has been scooping the front page of many news papers and journals in the recent past days across the world. Already after his murder attempt failure that left his personal driver dead and later was captured and detained  by the government forces for several days in Kampala, people in Kenya started a hashtag #FreeBobiWine which trended across the world hence led to his release. His slogan People power is now flying high, while his red baret cap is now selling like hot cake in Nairobi and Kampla cities giving him his main trademark. His stand has attracted other powerful political leaders like Emabakasi East MP Hon. Babu Owino who invited him to Kenya and since his arrival to Kenya they have seen together during media interviews and organised political rally.

Embakasi East MP. Babu Owino addressing a huge crowd during a Bobi Wine's dubbed support rally in Nairobi

Bobi Wine addressing thousands of his supporters during a past political rally

Talking to Citizen TV during the JKL show by Jeff Koinange, Bobi Wine allegedly announced that he prefer to be called a music artist than a politician for in Uganda politicians are associates with corruption, stealing and brutality by the citizens and he  is not one of them. He is also using his music career to invade the government of maltreating of its citizens who oppose it. He believes it is through these music messages that will push the government corrupt and power drunken leaders out of power hence gives way to a new error. Bobi Wine's boldness and courage is inspiring a lot of people across the world right now something which makes him gain popularity and fame over any African music artist by now. Bobi Wine is the main threat to Museveni and he is planning to have a joinery meeting with South African powerful youth leader and politician Ju Malema along side Babu Owino and others soon in Nairobi Kenya.

If  that happens, then the world should prepare to see great stride of shift power in Uganda. What is expected to be the most difficult and dangerous dare to happen in Ugandan history and it may enter in the Guinness Book Of Records. And in the entertainment world, it would attract even more fans to Bobi Wine hence his future music may brings about many music Awards and honour to the Kyadondo Member of parliament. Already one has to put in mind that Bob Wine has one of the best American lawyers in hand who stand to direct him in all areas as far as political and law matters are concerned. Just like Tupac Shakur's famous song ''All eyes on me'', Bobi now is very aware that all the eyes are on him. And this is beyond competition to his fellow music artists, because his stand is very strong for any other African musician to dare to challenge him. Have a look on this more photos of this Ugandan pop star turned politician Bobi Wine.

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