Today is the big day, Tomic has been in these cell for the past 21 days. On his cell's cube is a simple metallic bed spread with a new 3 x 6 standard mattress size. A clean mug and two curie plates, a thermos flask, a lap top, 4G high speed modem and a rank full of different types of novels. Though he was denied the access of being possessing a cell phone, he has been communicating and getting all news updates by using the internet in his room. The all challenge he has here is the freedom of movement. Shari the warden officer, has been enjoying free internet access and other benefits since the high court sent Sir Tomic to these prison's cell as investigation continues in which Mr. Tomic  Nyundo is suspected to participate on a murder case of his two  employees.

Yesterday evening at around 9.45 PM, his lawyer accompanied by other top government officials were here to pay him a visit. He let out a broad smile as he slowly recalls the whole discussion which took plays 18 hours a go. It's now around 4.35 AM in the morning, but he already know how everything will turn on in the court room. ''Money talks loud than justice, use money to wipe way for freedom justice will have to wait later.'' he dumbly speak out his mind as the warm water heated up with temporarily electric water heater, flows profusely over his naked body. ''This is my last day here and may be the last time in my life to return into these damn cell'' he swears to himself. He close the tap and pull out a white clean towel. Though he is in a jail cell but his cell is a special or modified one.

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