The effort most music artists are putting towards writing, recording, producing and promoting their music products is hectic. I am not writing this not just as a writer/editor or blogger as many identify us now a days but as a major stakeholder towards the music industry as far as East African music industry is concerned. As a music lover, I used most of my early days before joining campus and when I was in collage staying in music studios enjoying, sharing ideas and even sometimes writing music lyrics for artists during weekends and it is through this experience today I still can feel the pain most of these artists undergo through in the name of making it big in music industry. I witnessed some of these artists, working hard on various odd jobs like in Mombasa I used to see some of them loading sand on trucks for construction purposes at ''Lights bus -stage'' and other difficult jobs, then they would spend most of the wedges to pay for their recording sessions in studios around leaving behind the hardship of taking their music to various radio stations across the nation. And I know this is still going on and on with many young underground artists too.

When recording is over, artists would be desperately fighting hard behind the scene just to imply  more effort so as to make sure their music is trending allover the airwaves of every radio station in the nation. This is another stage which most of us in the music industry and especially those whom we have been working hands on with upcoming artists until they make names for themselves knows how hard and tricky the struggle is before one is called a super-star. During this stage, is when most of our music artists fail to make it as far as stardom is concerned. But for those who succeed and convince the society and God give them the favor before hundreds thousands to millions ofans, they eventually presents the nation in the category of A-list music artists. Here now they normally get the chances of earning cooperates deals or commercials from various companies and other related big business ventures or stakeholders. 

But now when it comes to getting shows, events and public performances the so called events organizers/promoters comes in. To say the truth most of our artists rarely do have managements in place if are starting the journey . Bare in mind the pain the would have undergone in the process of making way out to the limelight, most of them they are easily cheated and convinced by being coned and grilled by the promoters ending up working for the event organizers and earning little in the name of being promoted.

 Yes I know sometimes, shows or events may flop due to low turn up or other unavoidable circumstances but yet even if the event achieves its best, most promoters have been for sometimes failing to pay good money to our local artists and prefers to do that to foreigners. And this is what happened last weekend in Eldoret town, when Harmonize failed to appear on stage due to lack of payment on the actually agreed payroll hence the promoter  breaching the contract. To make it worse, the WCB artist had already  estimated number of people who would be attending the concert hence being clever with his management, its a must they had calculated the exactly amount would be produced after the show and coming up with a certain figure which eventually was higher than the agreed amount which the star and his management were to carry back home hence realizing that they were being coned and by the end of the day refusing to perform.

This act is too cruel and harsh towards the growth of our music industry as Kenyans. And because most our A-Lists artists also refuses to be used by these type of promoters, though its not all promoters are bias, they opt to go for foreign music stars apply the same trick and use the music artists to speak through the media false reports like they are paid millions per show instead of the peanuts they are given just for publicity. I am very sure if the Harmonize's sham and failed show had succeeded, right now the same promoters would have bought all the top News papers front pages and spread their propaganda that Harmonize had scoop out of Kenyan soil with ten million Kenyan shillings after an electric performance so as to advertise and convinces other foreign top artists to hunt after their services leaving behind our very own artists crying in pain for foul-play. 

But now the truth is out, and Kenyans know it that most of these foreign artist also are undergoing the same experience like them. Unlike Harmonize who didn't performed completely, Jaguar through Radio Citizen Mambo Mseto show he complained that it was not fair for the poor fans who were left out at the cold poor them not knowing what was going around. Jaguar says through his experience of more than ten years in the game, he has seen such things happening and he never complained but instead during such condition he would perform and finish with the promoters later. My message to this promoters, please be honest to yourself, try to support our local artists, promote our very own Kenyan music to grow so as you could earn big the same pay our music arts good to avoid such such shameful outcomes.

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