Wenkins and LilMizze

After a long time waiting for this amazing piece of art from two brilliant artists, that is our Kenyan musician LilMizze who had to feature an Italian music idol Wenkins finally that product is out and already available on various digital music platforms. LilMizze is one of the fastest rising stars here in Kenya and East Africa at large and his music work has been rising up the ladders just like wild fire spreading out during a dry spell. Something which has attracted foreign music artists like Wenkins all the way from abroad in Italy to Kenya to do such an amazing work by the name Kibega. Wenkins had already released an amazing music video on late August known as Loca featuring Shainy El Brillante which was sung in Latin language.

Hence her move to Kenya just to do a collaboration with LilMizze is just a wing spreading tactics to touch and raise awareness to the world that she deserve to be supported. On the other side, it gives our very own Kenyan music LilMizze the essential of power to bring our Kenyan music production to the world which is a plus to us as Kenyans and East African music fans at large. You can enjoy the video on YouTune down here.

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