Alikiba has now a great chance to showcase his talent to the maximum limit than ever before but only if he is ready to change his normal way and style of releasing his music product. This is after his closely rival and music competitor Diamond Platnumz be hold down and banned by the Tanzanian Music cooperate Board BASATA which is the arm of the government which controls and runs the music industry according to the rules and regulation of the republic of Tanzania. Diamond Platnumz  who have been found several times going against the laws garbed by Basata as the leaders of this board have been saying, he received an official letter from the board yesterday 18/12/2018 of which it addressed him that together with his Wasafi counter part and associate top music star Rayvanny, they are banned and are not allowed to perform either inside Tanzania soil nor outside Tanzania   for unknown duration of time until both parties should agree in terms and conditions.


But despite of that hullabaloo, most Diamond Platnumz die hard fans are complaining of foul play and jealous towards the mega superstar. Remember apart from the ban, BASATA had also cancelled the highly hyped and advertised WASAFI Festival, which was to be carried across Tanzania and Kenya. This means that Diamond Platnumz  has to come over with an immediately plan if he needs to exist in the music industry. Because  for sure his own countrymen are bringing him down as most of his fans are complaining crying that Diamond's prosperity is the reason of all his problems which are facing him now. On the other side Tanzania have a replacement already at hand. Alikiba he is planned to release two of his new hits on 29/12/2018 at the next-door Arena and yet another one will be on February 2019 in which he is planning to bring South African music icon Vyonne ChakaChaka and Christian Bella on stage.

As I am writing this already 99% of Tanzanian media houses are giving 100% support to Alikiba than Diamond and this id due too orders from above. Three days ago one of the top Tanzanian radio personalities Dj LilOmmy of Timez FM finds himself on the hardboard with Diamond Platnumz fans, after doing an interview for Alikiba and asked a juxtaposition question in which the fans literally saw it as directly targeted their artist Diamonnd Platinum. Despite of the on going challenge towards Diamond Platnumz music career, in which most people are looking the way-forward in which Diamond will take. Alikiba on the other side he should take that opportunity for granted and utilize it to the fullest because this is the only way to go. Tanzania authorities have been caught in session praising Alikiba of having a good conduct and urging other music artists to follow his footsteps. Full video of how BASATA cancelled the Wasafi festival in both Tanzania and Kenya.

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