His one of the most fast ring gospel music artists in the country, his real name is Kelvin Njagi but in the ministry of spreading the gospel through his song is famously known as King K. He was officially introduced in the game by maestro Kenyan top music artist DK Kwenye Beat, when they together collaborated in the Amenipa gospel hit which was released last on August 27. You can enjoy the Amenipa music down here.

AMENIPA Official video King K x DK Kwenye Beat x Teddy

Apparently the rising star has been working hard on making sure that his gospel music is reaching a quite wide range of audience, with his aim being to preach the Gospel of Gd through his music career. King K, is very disciplined something which has seen many media houses playing and inviting him to interviews across the nation. That spirit and thirstiness of praising the living God through his son Jesus Christ, has cultivated him to release yet another hot gospel music in the name Tapika. King K is saying this song was inspired by the message from the holy book of Bible that is Job 20:7. To learn more and enjoying the music, down here is the full YouTube video.

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