Getting elevated is something bound deep down the heart of humanity. However, the distinctive factor comes in owing to the fact that people are different, informing their different inclinations in that sense. For that reason KenRelBis exceptional story  comes into play. To begin with, he is a terrific and hugely inspirational figure in the entertainment scene.
He’s gathered notable experience as a veteran ever since he jetted straight into the industry in the year 2017 to date. Just like any other aspiring presenter struggling to make ends meet, he vowed to nip the slightest thought of failure in the bud by soldiering on despite all odds that lay his way.

 He therefore had his fair share of frustrations and disappointments, but one striking fact about his personality is that he committed to transform the frustrations into avenues of inspirations and greater opportunities to excel.He reeled under enormous strain during his early career years, while acting a an entertainment reporter on Hero Radio, something he termed profoundly hectic. Fortunately, his tremendous passion in his endeavors catapulted him to success, since he grabbed the prestigious opportunity of telling out entertainment news  in great programs “Ymashariki” and “ChitChat”.

Where he currently host the programs as the main host giving opportunity's to other media personality's like Meena Ally and Khalondu Musimi platform to showcase their entertainment storytelling prowess. 
In addition, he’s a darling for the media, appearing in irresistible programs including “Amplifaya"  On Clouds fm Tanzania. His constantly progressing margin in presenting not only spices up his profile, but illuminates the fact that other presenters too can excel if they endeavor to cultivate discipline and hardworking Rel Bis is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

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