Madam Kadide receiving an Award
Pete TV series is still flying and gliding in the air as an eagle which has seen a prey on the ground 10 km above the earth. Not only on the TV, but here on the online platform we have decided to feed you noble fan of this brilliant TV series with vital information about its stars, so as you sit in your sitting/dining rooms watching and enjoying it, you enjoy it with much zeal, love and passion. As I have been doing with our previous stars, today am introducing to you another key role player and legendary actress in the Kenyan movie industry history. And this not any other parson rather than one and only Madam Suzan Kadide.

Apart from being an actress on Pete series, playing in the series as, Bi KOMO, she has worked with Coffee Marketing Board(U) as supervisor, then Typing Pool,UNICEF as community health worker,village health committee,community health worker,Trainer of Trainers,KEMRI,Kilifi as assistant researcher in migration study. Also at Kenya Human Rights and Civil Society as human rights defender. She did not ended her career there but she moved ahead to COPHIA as a TOT, then took another challenge towards the doors of ICRH as a Co-coordinator and Peer Educator etc. She also written several series during the KBC era, and numerous films which premiered and nourished our TVs with magnificent satisfaction that made thousand if not millions of Kenyans keep glued and enjoy the sweeties of entertainment as far as Swahili TV series were concerned. She won LIFE TIME award by COAST FILMS festivals, as a result of her hardworking spirit and passion towards her acting career.

Madama Susan Kadide on behind the scene of a certain movie

Feature Story: Prepared by Yusuf Dalu, edited and written by Changez Ndzai.

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