He left Homa Bay county for Nairobi in 2011, his dream and main goal was to come into this city to meet his dream one and only dream of recording and performing music. His desire and ambition was deeply sinking in the music world, he was too optimistic that if he touches on Nairobi's soil that will be it, he will thresh over and because he is talented there is nothing to hinder him from meeting his dream of becoming a super star. But in turn he never knew that he was building castles in the air, '' From a young age I always wanted to be a musician so I came to Nairobi's to archive my dream of becoming a music star. But unfortunately did I know a whole new picture or fate was waiting at me in this City under the sun.'' Awicko reckoned.

Awicko performing unto his fans

His first encounter with the city's ill-fated and minded hosts came at a time he was struggling to find a place he could call a home. Back in Homa-Bay before he left, he had saved few Kenyan shillings that he narrates was meant for his up-keeping, recording and marketing his first song. So Jomino recording label was at the pick of the game by the time he arrived in Nairobi, so he straightly moved to the studio with high hopes of recording a hit song. He was received and after a brief orientation, the producer told him to pay the actually amount which was 15,000 Ksh in cash for recording and marketing in which Awicko did. But the outcomes were so pathetic because before the song was out the producer at Jomino recording studio traveled out of the country to the West for greener pasture leaving behind Awicko in dilemma.

Awicko in 2011 hile working in an open air restaurant and current as a dressing designer

By that time he had been employed at a local open air restaurant and was living in Kiambo slum near Buruburu where he was earning 100 shillings per day. Remember that his all savings whhich he had come with all the way from home that is Homa-Bay county had vanished into thin air and his dream of becoming a recording artists had got its first halt. Awicko decided to work hard so as to make his end meets and save enough much money for his next music project. His desire to record music with a well established recording label in Nairobi was too high, because he had taste on good music, so he kne in order to produce a high quality music one should invest more on production before do the marketing. Hence he started a fresh saving for the next projects and this time round he decided to be keen on which recording label will be choosing for his next projects.


By that time he was living in Kiambo slum, he used to go to Gikomba market for shopping on his daily outfit. ''Being living in the slum that doesn't stop one from wearing nice clothes, especially if you are dreaming to be stunning music superstar,'' said Awicko. So it happened one day when he was coming home from Gikomba, he had a shower then clad on his new attire. To his surprise a certain neighbour of his age mate admired the clothes and asked him if he was ready to sell the short-trouser unto him. He didn't hesitate, he did sell it unto him for 200 Kshs a clothe that he had bought it for only 50 Kshs. And that how he did end up starting his business as a designer. The neighbor who bought that clad started spreading news that Awicko was selling nice clad for youths and its through that way, Awicko is now owning 3 dressing and design stalls in Nairobi which has seen most of the top Kenyan music artists buying and surfaced by him. For more inspiring stories about Awicko, just keep up following with my magic ink and enjoy.

Awicko while designing music artist  Timmy T-dat's branding T-shirts.

Awicko with his clients music artists David Wonder (Center) and Mr. Seed.

Awicko dressing music artist Timmy T-Dat on one the music video shooting of Timmy's music

 Down here are more of Awicko products.

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