Nairobi based music artist Lil-Aviator has been for the past few months working on his new music recording music studio. Talking to EaBana news table the rapper said that he thought it will be wise for him to have his own recording studio than depending on already well established studios as many music artists does. ''I am opening my own studio because I want to minimize the expenses towards production, also I want to avoid the drama which most of artists are going through in the hands of music producers and con-men in the music industry. I want to establish this studio too help other music artists to meet their dreams of becoming super stars in this very nation. I know everything is possible, I have got a good team behind me and am already working with one of the very best producers in the country who also is working with KTN.'' Said Aviator. Down here are some of his photos taken from verious radio stations during his last interviews.

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