Kenya music industry is gaining massive power and growth like no any other business. Gospel music as far as it is concerned is experiencing a dimension also too. Kush Tracey who once thrilled the East African industry with a electric rap hits like the ''Huwezi ni dandia''  and others, which were based in the secular music industry is out with another special music song but this time she has really turned the game in a very rulactrive way. First Kush Tracey is now a born again Christian not just religious person but she has really changed from deepest part of her heart. Speaking to Sunrise radio a Tanzanaian Arusha based station, she opened up that she is not just entering into the gospel music industry just because of showing off or making money but it is because its a call fro the Mighty God and she is very happy to serve living GOD.

Behind the scene images at Sarepta Rescue Children Home 

Beautiful is the name of her new music single, in which she shot her video on one of the children home in the soul heart of Nairobi in a place called Zimmerman. ''I decided to shoot this video with the needy children just to express and show them love. No matter what kind of a situation one is going through, in the eyes of God you are beautiful, that's why I chose Sarepta Rescue Children Home as the place to celebrate my 25th birthday and to include those scene in my new video too just to show how I adore these children.'' said Kush Tracey. But apart from the video, the lyrics, vocal and finally the style she used makes Tracey into another high level. First people are used to Kush Tracey who is trap music rapper, then second they are used to a secular artist whenever they hear her name but this time round she had come out completely different and superb. She has exposed her true nature of a vocalist, no one thought she could do this soon. Just to digest what am trying to explain here just watch the whole of the video don here.

Kush Tracey with a cake for her birthday which she sheared with the children surrounding her.

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