Mr Benawra on his top gear moments
Back in the UK a court of law suggested that Mr Benawra (29) to return his son who is four years old now to her mother who is a British citizen. The singer and actor has been keeping his son away from his mother here in Kenya since he was 18 months old in 2015 up to date. But since then they have been in and out of court battling who to take custody of the boy after they did separated in 2015.

Mr. Benawra and Miss Charlotte before the breakout

But according to Daily Mail, the singer has been taking custody of the boy unlawfully in Nairobi even after a court ruled that he was to let go off the boy back to his mother who she is a British citizen. The magazine describe that Mr. Benawra took the child to Kenya back in 2016 with miss Morris's agreement that he would have brought him back by June 2016, but he has never returned back the boy until today in breach of the agreement.

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