Earlier this year, inside Kenya there was a debate about why our Kenyan entertainment industry was playing much of foreign content. A hash tag (#PlayKeMusic) was developed and the campaign which was meant to insists radio and TV stations to put the Kenyan music first then other content follows. That hash tag trended across East Africa and reached as far as into Tanzania as well Uganda.
May be some of us thought this won’t make any impact but to say the truth, right now in Tanzania things have started to take a new look towards play Kenyan music content.

Onset while I was visiting Sunrise Radio in Arusha Tanzania

 Most radio stations are now adapting the system of playing not only Kenyan music but balancing the content to 50/50 East African music products i.e Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The main challenge which most of these Tanzanian Medias are facing now is how to get the latest music content from Kenya. I am in Dar es Salaam, and since I arrived here I have been touring different media houses. But passing through their music galleries policy I see that now they are trying all their best to facilitate playing Ea music content equally.

 But they are finding it difficult to get new projects from Kenya since there is no a proper channel to streamline distribution of new music to Tanzania hence the only option they do have now is to play past music hits in which here in Kenya we do call them (TBTs) for example, yesterday while I was listening to clouds Media, I had them playing Kenyan Boy music hit which was done by Nazizi and Wyre back in the days and from Uganda they did played Valuvalu by Jose-Chameleon. This means now our Kenyan music artists have got a chance to send their music to Tanzania media, but also their music should of good quality in order to get air play. Because even the Tanzanians music, has to go through screening so as to avoid playing music which contains vulgar language or poor quality products. Asking on the reason why, most of the radio personalities related to the good response from Kenyans on how they receives Tanzanian music. ''Kenyans have been supporting us and our music artists. This is the reason why we have decided to reverse our rules and regulations to enhance the good relationship between Tanzania and its neighbors towards entertainment industry but we do luck the latest music for now but with time we will keep the trend.'' Said one of the radio presenter.

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