Entertainment has been a key role platform that naturally has been for age’s gives many comfort hence helps to reduce stress for oneself. But towards the East African music entertainment, our neighbors Tanzanians have been in the fore front since back in the days on hanging out or even marrying our Kenyan women. AY once was associated with dating with Kenyan song bird and legendary music artist Amani, and then Nazizi the first lady of the famous Necessary noise music group was married to a Tanzanian man before the part ways some years later.

But recently this trend kept moving the graph after Alikiba got married to his Mombasa princess Amina, then Diamond did the same by started dating with a Kenyan lady famously known as Tanasha. One thing which is standing out is, Kenyan fans plus their Tanzanians counterpart has been enjoying this mutual friendship something which has seen giving our entertainment industry value.
But now, am in Dar Es Salaam, and one thing is standing out. Willy Pol after seen for sometime hanging out with Nandy and also they have together done twin music release, has triggered roomers here in Dar that may be there is something brewing up between the two. Something which makes Willy Pol eventually gains a massive follow up from most Tanzania fans.

 Nandy was associated to be dating with his former boss the late Ruge Mutahaba who was also a top boss at Clouds Media Tanzania and owner/founder of Tanzanaia House of Talent a.k.a THT where Nandy past through as a music student. On contrarily Timmy-Tdat and Rosa-Ree duo has been attracting most Tanzanians attention for their closeness away from recording hit music together. Last week the couple was interviewed on Amplifier radio show, one of the top radio talk shows in Tanzania something which turned many fans here in Tanzania listened that interview making Timmy Tdat to be the second music artists who enjoys a massive support from Tanzania after Willy-Pol simple because of their relationships with these Tanzanian music stars.

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