Taylor Swift empire established. PHOTO | USM

Taylor Swift comes back surprises many as she comes with a new album to spice up the world.

Ready for a comeback! Taylor Swift is preparing for what could be her biggest album launch yet for her seventh studio album, at a date that’s still unclear to her devoted fanbase.

Taylor Swift also said she dropped many easter eggs within the “Me!” music video for fans to decode.

 “I watch a lot of films and I’ve always loved musicals. With this video, I wanted it to be sort of a love letter to romantic, epic musical films, but always with a weird eccentric twist,” Swift told the Independent on Friday, May 24. 

“Some of it was inspired by big Disney films or classics like Singin’ in the Rain.” “Me!” marked the singer’s first single since “Getaway Car” from her sixth record, Reputation. Swift’s Reputational album scored a nod for Best Pop Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards and sold over 2 million copies in the U.S, " stated Swifts' manager.

Taylor Swift shows increased from 120 per year to 300 as quoted by Forbes. She is among the top-rated US artists worth $100M which mostly regarded at Taylor Empire.

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