Both being top East African music starts, they share a lot of things together not only in the music world but even in their personal life. Beka The Boy has been thrilling the East Africa music world with to hits among them Potion, My Lova, Siri Ya Moyo and many more. While Harmonize has been also representing East Africa music status highly across Africa. But what is that make me writing this article? Just few weeks ago the net was full of amazing  news about Harmonize's wedding, a wedding which was meant to be a secret but the blog-sphere made it known to the members of the public.


On the other side, Beka the Boy on the eve of August 27 this year he walked down the aisle with his Italian long time fiance back in Malindi. Beka the Boy has made it a secret until EaBana reached out to him and he openly disclosed this exclusive news to our news room. Beka is yet to organize a family  party to welcome his new queen to his home but he has not yet set us to know the exactly day. Because of that, the unbridled race of making sweet music has forced him to write and record a new music song know as DORO, which is a dedication to his lover and their wedding.

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