Gospel music has been giving hope and restoration for millions of believers across the world. Our very own Kenyan gospel music artists have for years representing us well to the world. Despite all the challenges, with few artists taking the gospel ministry for granted and tarnishing it up by confusing it with secular action despite beating off their chests that they do gospel. But still there is hope, for God is rising up new powerful and fearfully gospel music artists like Paul Tsuma.

Tsuma who is based at Kenyan coast has been releasing true gospel music which relates, devours and inspires those who have lost faith and hopes in life. He is a good example of gospel music artists we would wish our Kenyan music artists to be. Not doing gospel music for gaining fame, but because of gospel music artists, they have to reach out to people and spread the gospel of Christ Jesus via music. As our neighbors the Tanzanians do, Kenyan also we need gospel music artists who are serious and not gamblers. Down here enjoy one of his music.

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