Kalighraph Jones bank account is keeping flooding with fortune thank you to his collaboration (Tonight) with Nigerian pop star Rude Boy Square. The duo who met during the Coke Studio (2019) in Nairobi, they decided to go ahead and did a hit song together which eventually endorsed the world most selling soft beverage company in the world by mentioning and using its logo on their video.

Our source has it that the two top African music stars decided to mention and use the Coca-cola logo in their music video just to show their gratitude to the Coke studio Africa initiative for supporting music artists. But instead, Coca-cola went ahead and endorse them back with lucrative and mouth-watering some amount of  US dollars, which if converted to KES it is equivalent to million taste. Talking to our news desk, someone closer to the OG who didn't want his name to be mentioned openly described Mr. Jones as the luckiest rapper in Africa with rumors having it that there is yet another multi-million deal on the pipeline from EBL  for an endorsing Tusker product.

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