Diamond and Harmonize have been on the limelight for the good reason, but recently their fans have been witnessing a rift which has forced Harmonize out of WCB family. Via our investigations on what could be the cause of their rift in which the WCB management and fraternity at large has been trying to make it a secret we now have exclusive outlet source from Dar Es Laaam. The source has it that, before Harmonize came into full picture in Sarah's life as a boyfriend, the lady was among Diamond's die hard fans. Being a daughter of an Italian high profile official attached to the Tanzanian/Italian high commission offices back in Dar es saalam, Sarah started falling in love with Diamond and his music the moment she visit Tanzania for the first time. By that time Diamond was already glittering like granular gold from South Africa, being decorated and vehemently increasing his fans seconds after the other.

Something which attracted many ladies unto him so was to Sarah. The Italian impress started to search for a close channel which would bring her closer to Diamond Platnumz. Because of her status inside Tanzania it was not a big deal to Sarah to reach out and finally hang out with the WCB CEO, but things didn't go the way Sarah thought it would be. The Italian young and ambitious lady was not lucky, since her dream was to convince Simba to lay his paws on her. But unfortunately by that time Mama Tiffa, Diamond's ex-lover and co-parent Zarrina Hassan was already steering the wheel and there was no way she could let any suspicious lady around Diamond. Another thing Diamond has poor desire towards Caucasian ladies.

On seeing that things were hard inside Tanzania, Sarah decided to play safe and try her cards outside Tanzanian bookbinderies. So she planned to invite Diamond to her birthday party which was to be held back in Rome Italy. And she also had requested the prevailing hit-maker to compose a special birthday song unto her. But Diamond knowingly that Sarah was after him and he had no feelings towards her, he dodged the birthday event with an excuse that he was having a tight schedule which seen him flying to the UK for a show the very day meant for the birthday invite.

But instead he asked Sarah to accept his apology and send Harmonize to perform on his behalf. So Konde Boy aka Harmonize was given the responsibility of composing a birthday song for the Italian young lady and to represent his Wasafi boss in Rome Italy and this is how Harmonize's hit ''Happy Birthday'' came to life. When the D-Day came, Harmonize traveled to Rome and he performed well on that party that he managed to stole Sarah's heart. By that time, Harmonize was undergoing hard time on his love relationship with Tanzanian actress Jacky Wolper. So to ease away his pain, he enjoyed the forbidden fruit with a Muzungu in Italy. The game was meant to be a secret since Harmonize was still humble to his boss and he was not sure if Diamond was interested in Sarah or was just a normal friendship in which he needed confirmation from baba Tiffa.

It took sometimes before it was made known to the members of the public. But it seems that Diamond was not happy on this, it was not pleasing him at all. Harmonize was enjoying his time and good romantic moment with Sarah as usually and on the other side Diamond was passing through hell on his relationship with Zari The Boss Lady. After they part ways with Zari, Diamond and Harmonize first test came to life but indirectly via Mwarabu Fighter Diamond's bodyguard. It started as rumors but then Harmonize himself confirmed that Mwarabu was nourishing his kitchen with steel-wool. Something which brought about fracas between the two WCB employees in which resulted to Mwarabu's resignation. But through our source, it seems that Diamond was having a hand on the plot to hurt Harmonize something which Diamond cleverly denied through his collaboration hit with Congolese maestro Fally Ipupa Inama hit song lyrics.

Harmonize was not happy, though later after a short break with Sarah they then reunited, the Kwangwaruu hit maker thought of it would be wise if he terminates his 15 years contract with WCB and start over as a independent artist so as to avoid further problems in future. Diamond and the WCB top management team knowing how hard the blow it will be if they would let Harmonize exit from WCB, had earlier tried to stop him from existing out of the company including imposing tough rules but Konde Boy aka Harmonize decided to move on something which has been irritating Diamond and his die hard fans.

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