Kenyan superstar, songwriter and rapper Susumila has recently find himself at crossroad. The star who is now currently flying high in his Music career with his collaboration hit Warembo with Lavalava from WCB which currently has 1.5 Million views on you-tube. Our source has it that the star who is also signed under 001 music sponsorship, an initiative started by Mombasa governor Ali Joho with its aim is to promote & giving maximum support by providing lucrative deals, connection & other amazing endorsements to coastal music artists.

But it seems like his collaboration with Lavalava was a blessed oracle which has opened the doors of great offers inside WCB management. Right now Susumila is yet  release another hit song but this time with another WCB artist Mbosso. Something which saw him camping at WCB's offices back in Dar es salam.

Susumila with Mbosso during their next project session in Dar es salaam

Via his stay there Susumila is said to have been passed through mouth watering endorsements but comes if the star accept the offer to be assignee of WCB. Let me take you back in February, after rumors started circulating across that Harmonize was planning to exist out of WCB, Diamond and the top leaders of this successful East African music label decided to prepare for the worse and started to work on the replacement of Harmonize if he was to leave WCB. Talking during a press conference in Arusha back in April when WCB was conducting its Wasafi Festival, Mkubwa Fella one of Diamond's managers said that WCB was yet sign more two artists but he didn't mention their names. Back in Dar es laam, fans started to circulate news that those artists were ladies some pointing fingers to Nandy, another suspecting to be Khadijah Kopa's daughter and another pointing fingers to Ruby.

But now our investigation has led us to this exclusive news and its not rumors. Diamond and his team knows the power, influence and position Susumila has in Kenya. His closeness with Joho who also is a mutual friend to their close music and business rival Akikiba makes Susumila to be a prime candidate to the open seat left by Harmonize because in that way it would be easy for WCB to win deals and endorsement from the county government of Mombasa and maybe overtaking Alikiba's territory.  But all these is up to Susumila to decide, already both parties are going through the talk while Susumila is being advised by close friends and business counterparts including former Pilipili Fm Radio Presenter Eric Gates Mgenge who is one of the leaders on the 001 music initiative.
 So what would be Susumila's choice is he going to remain as an independent artist and depend support from 001 music initiative or will cross the loom to WCB ?

Susumila with Governor Joho

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