Just like Eliud Kipchoge's mission in Vienna was not to compete with other athletes but with time, that is to Mzazi Willy M Tuva in the East African entertainment industry. The Royal media services Radio/TV entertainment news Presenter performance will always stand out in flying colors with his rivals stressing up on how to come up with euthenics to overlap him in the game. The reasons behind this being the way he is handling things in three different pillars as far as showbiz is concerned.

:Public Relation

The professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person. Tuva knows how to handle matters concerning his field of work that is as an entertainer, by maintaining a close relationship with his audience for years. Tuva may be the only radio Presenter in East Africa who have been mastering the art of acknowledging and appreciating his die hard fans on airwaves and even during radio Citizens   roadshows, camps tour and so on by mentioning them by names or even giving them chances to come live on air via his  radio show (Mambo Mseto) or call them to grace the same stage with him during roadshows. Not forgetting that he has been giving back to the community through his Mzazi Foundation which has been seeing him helping the needy in the community.
Tuva with street families in Nairobi, offering them with foodstuffs

By doing this, Tuva has been creating and maintaining massive tight bond between himself and his audience than any other radio/Tv personality in East Africa. Back in Dar es salaam 3 months ago during my Tanzanian media tour which started in Arusha through Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar, most radio presenters on every media house I visited had to ask me a question or gave a positive complement about Tuva. Why? Simple because they viewed him as a role model. Remember he has been playing a major role on advocating for Bongo flava music here in Kenya since the days it was starting till now is a widely spread across Africa and beyond thanks to artists in the likes of Alikiba, Diamond and many others hence he obtain the name Mzazi.

At Sunrise radio main broadcasting studio Arusha Tanzania


Tuva is that guy who never ignore nor snubs other people because of his status no matter who you are. You will find him stopping just to take a selfie or chatting with fans on the street if he has that free time. Something which is difficult to find in many people of his caliber, for humbleness is a virtue and its hard to be obtained by many. This state of his principle, makes him the best option to many people for human-beings tend to have a culture of following celebrities who can relate and associates with easily...same to people like president Kenyatta, Mike Sonko and Joho.

Tuva with a fan taking a selfie


Tuva has been the source of success to 97% of the East African artists. He is not selfish and has been on the front row fighting hard to see some of the top artists were rising from grace to grace. Jose Chameleon always shows gratitude towards the radio legendary by inviting him to almost his shows in Kampala, Diamond Platnumz until now can't skip to mention his name whenever mentioning the people who have put him up there. For Tuva was the first radio presenter to introduce him to his Kenyan music audience a time when he was nobody. Though there must be few artists who may be complaining against him but 98% of the East African artists are considering the best radio/Tv personality of all time. And this is the reason why he has been winning mega celebrity Awards and currently he was nominated on the ongoing Afrima Awards. Can he represent Kenya and the East Africa showbiz well via Afrima?....Yes he can, but he needs your support by voting him to top up and bring the award back home. From here at Eabana news room, we wish him success.

Tuva showing off one of his Awards which he won in a past contest

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