Diamond Platnumz

Many knows Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz as the most ferosious rivals ever to exist in the history of African music. Alikiba is known as the man who gave a wayforwad to Diamond to record his first music hits which eventually brought him up to the limelight via Sharobaro record, which was owned by Alikiba and Bob Junior. 


But later on Alikiba spent almost four years inactive on the Bongo music sphere and Diamond took advantage of his silence and lured the Bongo flava music industry with his electric performances by releasing hit by hit. Alikiba's fans on the other hand started to cry and begging him to return and claim his throne for they were envying the unstoppable success made by Diamond Platnumz day by day. 

This brought about the rise of two internet teams( Team Alikiba and Diamond) which created a major rift that brought about the return of Alikiba to the limelight just to produce a heavyweight competition to Diamond Platnumz hence creating a rift between the two Bongo music artists camps.

Few days ago, Alikiba wrote a direct messege to Diamond Platnumz to stop joking with him  after Diamond invited him to grace one stage with him in one of his mega concert back in Dar es salaam. Many of their fans took it for granted and their has been a debate on both fans of Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz's teams on the internet. 

But here at EaBana, via our investigation it has come to our attention that there is a secrect behind this. The secret which we are here to reveal it unto you. Alikiba and Diamond Platnumz may be having a jointly music project in store, featuring also one of the WCB most magficient artist Mbosso. Discussing this event between Diamond and Alikiba, most entertainment c9mmentators are speculating that Diamond and Alikiba are having a project together. To give it a boost, the stars are taking advantage of their music rift between their fans to create a massive mahyem so as to gain the attetion from music fans across Africa in which they have succeded. So anytime from now be ready for an exclusive music hit from Alikiba, Diamond Platnumz and Mbosso Khan Mshedede.

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